Looking back after many years

Else 2022-07-13 16:37:56

I probably gave up the show after the eighth season. After a few years, I don’t know what happened in the middle. I only know that it seems that the protagonist’s parents have been resurrected. Heaven and hell are all mixed together, and the plot has been completely released. .

The fifteenth season is coming to an end, so I thought about reviewing the first six seasons, so I started watching it from the beginning. It was different from watching the drama back then. Maybe it was because of more experience and a different understanding of the characters. I like Dean, but I hate John's tyranny. Now it seems that John sacrifices himself for his son. It is a silent father's love. He is just not good at expressing it. He used to like Dean very much. No matter what he does, with that pretty face and big flickering eyes, it's always hard to make people hate him.

In the first season, Dean went to Sam and took him on a demon hunting journey. The tone of this character was established. Because he witnessed the tragic death of his mother and was instilled by his father too much responsibility, life is more about fulfilling obligations than Living for himself, Dean, who instinctively needs traveling companions, is more dependent than Sam, who has been independent since childhood, so in the second season, this character chooses to sacrifice himself for his younger brother. How touching, but for Sam, this sacrifice It's not a burden.

Sam's character design probably began to collapse from the second season. In the second season, a character who played the role of a good brother and a shy boy in the first season may become more and more aggressive as he grew up. , the screenwriter had no choice but to change the character for him, and at the same time foreshadowed the future, the character became more and more dark for no reason, and was brought into the vicious circle of sacrifice for his relatives by his brother, but he was obviously not like this when he appeared in the first season. Persona.

I feel bad for Dean who matured too early, and also feel bad for Sam who has burdened more. Although I think the audience likes Dean more, Sam is the kind of face that will not be bullied, so that he bears it, many people Unconscious, distressed Sam.

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