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I feel sorry for Dean, what happened in hell, it sounds so distressing - this season, the concept of the brothers is getting farther and farther, and the gap is getting bigger. Separation, implying the relationship between the two brothers, there is a kind of rush that will become more and more abusive later- After watching episode 16, how come this trend is getting more and more abusive, compared with this season, the first three seasons were as happy as a birthday party , The pure, cheerful and carefree is like Paige stepping on the mud pit. Don't abuse it, don't abuse it, the abuse in the big night hurts, the liver hurts, the brain hurts. Last season, I mainly felt sorry for Sam. On Dean in general these episodes are, Dean is miserable, Sam is getting better and better (it doesn't feel like a good thing, that Sam sucks blood, and Ruby's weird smile kinda scares me Oh, what's the conspiracy to chase) Although the brothers have estranged and contradictory, they are surprised that they still love each other, this brotherhood, tears of envy (the red-haired angel girl is so beautiful, I like her so much The red hair, cass has a feeling of mourning and handsome, Ruby is not as good-looking as the previous season, the demon with white eyes is more powerful and weirder than the demon with black eyes) I hope the next season will not be so cruel.

The tormenting devil finally got his braids up, Sam did a great job, and helped to force a confession by the way, cass was stunned by the side hahaha

Hope Dean can get back to the way he used to be


Instead of complaining about his 30 years of torture in hell, Dean was ashamed and remorseful for not persevering in the last 10 years (worse and even more admirable is their father, who did not give in for a whole century. Even if It's the first seal of Apocalypse, it's too miserable, it's creepy just thinking about the torment of darkness and no end)

Sam wanted to become stronger and kill Lilith, a large part of the reason was to avenge Dean, and he practiced exorcising ghosts with his mind to save people

Four episodes left to finish this season


The actor Dean when he was a teenager looks very good and very similar. Sam was very cute when he was young.


I predict that there is a high probability that I can maintain the freshness of this drama for a few weeks. In the past, the freshness has become an intermittent chasing drama. I can't finish a season in half a year. These 300+ episodes of evil power, I hope I can watch it before I graduate from college, it feels unlikely, then I hope to finish it before I get married

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Lazarus Rising quotes

  • Bobby Singer: Dean. Your chest was ribbons. Your insides were slop. And you've been buried *four* months. Even if you *could* slip outta Hell and back into your meatsuit...

    Dean Winchester: I know. I should look like a Thriller video reject.

  • Sam Winchester: We got a pile of questions and no shovel.