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This article only represents the state of mind and life at that time, leave a note as a souvenir. ——Dawning

Wei has a Leo friend of the opposite sex who has a mantra: What's the point of living like this, it's better to die! As a Libra, I can't say such explosive words anyway. However, when I am surrounded by confusion, disappointment, decadence, and a sense of powerlessness, I will think of this friend's words about "Live or Die", so as to encourage myself, eliminate all negative emotions little by little, and gradually put Life is adjusted.

The film I saw last night on CCAV 6, although I thought it was hardly worth writing about, was still infected by the old-fashioned inspirational passages in the film. Ask yourself why, I want someone to push me and make my life more positive. In the final analysis, like most people, there is an answer in my heart, but I still have to search and filter through the outside world, and filter out the information I want to support this answer.

But the answer in my heart is sometimes too vague. The difference in the orientation of the final choice is often the courage to act.

This year, I have experienced some things and seen some people, and I feel that those who have the courage to master the trajectory of their lives are invaluable. So whenever a classmate or friend complains to me about how troublesome life and work are, how helpless I am, and how hard my life is, I always respond, how hard is it for you to change all your dissatisfaction yourself? In most cases, the complaining classmates and friends are just complaining, and life still runs on an inertial trajectory.

I'd rather take a more extreme view of this issue (so that it takes the least amount of effort to state my position) - it's a tragedy. Some people have never been young and jumped into the river of life without even the slightest wave. It's like marrying a young daughter-in-law who endured humiliation and burdens by the wrong family, and then became a patient of "Stockholm Syndrome", and finally became a mother-in-law and "matured".

They have dreams, they ignore it; they have dissatisfaction, they give in to it; they have desires, they fear it; they have talent, they waste it; they have childlike innocence, they kill it.

Brother Sheng said, no matter how good or bad the music is, make it first. I didn't do it, what a piece of shit.
From this sentence, it can be seen that Brother Sheng is really like what he said. In fact, he is still very PUNK in his bones.

So, that's exactly what I was trying to say:
young, there should be no EXCUSE at all.

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