Video Game Museum (early part)

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After two days of watching this early history of video games narrated by Mario's voice actor Charles Martinet, there are six episodes in total, each episode of more than 40 minutes, from Atari to Doom, it feels like visiting a museum. Charles Martinet himself did not appear in the camera and did not "deliberately" shout out Mario's lines. One of the features of the film is that some old game producers make some "game actions", and the other is a large number of "paper and pen" creations. screen. Due to content issues, well-known game producers such as Hideo Kojima Miyazaki Hideo did not appear (their games appeared in some mixed cuts, especially Dark Souls, which appeared several times in 233), Nintendo's Palace of the Elders There is also no direct interview content for Ben Shiger (presumably to save money?), and there is no content on Sony and Microsoft game consoles. Several of these episodes, such as role-playing and fighting games, could be single-hour documentaries. As a gamer, record some interesting places here.

The first episode is about the beginnings of video games.

Space Invaders (the alien game commonly known as "Little Bee") producer Yuhong Nishikaku was inspired by H.G. Wells' sci-fi work "War of the Worlds", so the octopus became the enemy in the game, he I like magic very much. The scene changed. I think video games are like magic. In addition, this game has made easter eggs in Avengers 1~

The Space Invaders' first championship in the United States (and the first official competitive championship in video game history) was Rebecca Heineman, a woman. The game was televised during the game, and the game could only be halfway through because the players kept playing. Terminate and judge the winner by score;

Several juniors at MIT moved the arcade into the dormitory to make money, and then found that the more skilled the player, the less money they would spend. In order to make the player invest more money, they began to crack the arcade and create a difficult program. Atari sued in court and was successfully recruited;

Toru Iwatani, the founder of Pac-Man, specially ordered a pizza in the film, saying that the image of Pac-Man came from a pizza with a corner missing, and the purpose was to make a game popular with women, and it was indeed successful;

Fairchild Channel F, the world's first home game console that can change cassettes, was made by black engineer Jerry Lawson;

The iconic "scum" ET known as destroying the American video game industry was made in just a few weeks by Howard Scott Warshaw, as Atari wanted to catch up with the Christmas season;

Spielberg initially wanted to make ET a game similar to Pac-Man, but the producer complained that it was not original enough (actually, his construction schedule was too tight and could no longer be modified). the quality of the game;

Regarding ET, I recommend the program of Splash God James: B station av11099999, the evaluation is more pertinent.

The second episode is about the development of Nintendo in the United States

The opening chapter is the self-report of Nintendo's veteran sound engineer Tanaka Hirokazu, an old man dressed in fashion, and playing discs in the film;

Nintendo also made arcades in the early days. It was a game very similar to Space Invaders, called Radar Screen, but after it was shipped to the United States, it was unsalable, and then the machine was replaced with a new game, the famous Donkey Kong, which was Nintendo's first pot of gold. ;

In the eyes of Gail Tilden, the marketing manager of Nintendo of America at the time, the red and white tone design of the Nintendo FC was not suitable for the American market, and she also faced the social pressure brought about by the collapse of Atari, and then proposed the gray-blue color scheme. She was responsible for designing the square game console, and later the game magazine "Nintendo Power", which turned the Japanese magazine style into an American style. The first issue of Mario made of clay on the cover may be the world's first 3D model. Mario;

Nintendo game phone consultants need to play hand-painted game guides by themselves, and can receive hundreds of calls a day;

Attorney Kirby, the founder of Nintendo's "Legend of the Legal Department", helped Nintendo win Universal Pictures' copyright lawsuit against Donkey Kong, thanks to the openness of the judges at the time to accept the new thing of video games;

The Nintendo 1990 Game Championship was as popular as e-sports today, and the prize money was high. The champion was $10,000 in 1990 + a car + a 40-inch TV + Hollywood tour. The champion's mother was very supportive of her child In addition, this game uses game cartridges for the game, which are very expensive now;

Episode 3 is an RPG, my favorite episode!

This episode is also the debut of various industry leaders. It begins with Roberta Williams, the developer of the world's earliest interactive graphic game "Mystery House", and her husband. She is the actual design developer of the game, and her husband was pulled by her to make the program;

Richard Garriott, the producer of the world's earliest "open world" game "Genesis", introduced the Dungeons and Dragons board game. Since he is suspected of plagiarism, I won't post the link to station B.

Dungeons and Dragons was also criticized back then, and was considered to be related to cults such as Satan the Devil;

Richard Garriott himself has three positive views. He wanted players to do right and kind things in the game. As a result (of course) he found that players would still kill and steal, so he made the "good and evil system" that has influenced so far. ” and the concept of Avatar (player-played role), that is, the player’s good and bad behavior in the game will be fed back to the game process, for example, if killing people indiscriminately, the partners around the character will leave the player’s character, making it difficult to clear the game;

Yoshitaka Amano, one of the soul characters of the Final Fantasy series, appeared, but he didn't have much time to talk about character creation; interestingly, this episode did not mention the Dragon Quest series, which is more deeply influenced by Dungeons and Dragons and is very popular in Japan. ;

Then I introduced a very touching story about the first RPG game Gay blade made for the LGBTQ group. The producer was Ryan Best. It was used to resist the oppression of the group in those years. Unfortunately, the producer's hard drive was lost later, but later with the help of The Internet makes game resources lost and regained;

The fourth episode is the host war between Nintendo and Sega that year

The creator of the Sonic series, Yasuhara Hirowa, found the game inspiration from the roller coaster. The designer Naoto Oshima went to New York's Central Park to do research and found that the hedgehog is the most popular;

Tom Kalinske, the CEO of Sega of America at the time, formulated five strategies for defeating Nintendo: 1. Reduce the price of the console, 2. Design a character that can compete with Mario (Sonic), 3. Sports games (Madden NFL), 4. The user group is oriented towards young people (Sega is cooler and more rebellious), 5, mocking Nintendo in a fancy way (all kinds of advertising and marketing that directly name Nintendo and not Sega), at that time, these strategies were overturned by the Sega headquarters. (The Nintendo console has always been a weak spot when it comes to competitive sports gaming, and has given Sony and Microsoft some opportunities.

The host confrontation at that time was actually Sega's 16-bit machine against Nintendo's 8-bit red and white machine. Since there was no concept of "next generation" at that time, Sega also took the lead in promoting the performance of game consoles;

Sega made video games no longer regarded as children's toys, expanding the age group;

EA founder Trip Hawkins was a rugby lover and found the then rugby coach/famous mouth John Madden to create the Madden rugby series together. The two talked about business on the train because John couldn't make a plane. Later, black producers joined the game to make the game. Black players can be shown here; (However, EA's most profitable game right now is FIFA football, after all, football has more coverage than rugby

Sega also held a Sonic game tournament. The final location was in Alcatraz, USA (the filming location of the movie Bravely the Dead Island). The champion was a handsome Asian young man, and the prize money was $25,000. At that time, MTV TV station was there to help out;

Episode 5 talks about fighting games

The opening is naturally Street Fighter 2 creator Ryo Nishitani, who also told a joke that Japanese people would fight in the bathhouse233; Overlord's future is actually a bit vague

Character designer Yasuda Lang said that the purpose of designing characters is to make people smile and remember, so he added a lot of exaggerated decorations to the characters;

Chun Li is the first independent female character who can fight in the game industry. Japanese producers got inspiration from the female characters in Jackie Chan kung fu movies;

The Street Fighter Championship was held at the Kokugi Sumo Hall in Japan, and this was narrated by then-champ Takahiro Nakano. Judging from the video, he used Sagat (the one who can send Tiger Bubblegum). After he became a social animal, he felt that his work was boring. As a result, the boss of his company planned to get involved in the field of e-sports, so he asked him to form an e-sports team;

The producer of Mortal Kombat, John Tobias, also got inspiration from Bruce Lee's movie and wanted to make a game similar to Street Fighter. The bloody level of the game also caused social controversy at the time;

Jim Riley, the producer of another violent game "Night Trap", is now the visual director of various American TV series. The strange torture devices in the game are to avoid easy imitation, and the actual performance is more bloody and violent. Hasbro (doing Transformers) The toy) initially participated in the production of the game and quit, and Sega ran over to put the game on its own console. As a result, the US Congress was dispatched, which promoted the game rating ESRB;

The actual sales of "Mortal Kombat" and "Night Trap" are very good, "Night Trap" even logged into Nintendo's latest console Nintendo Switch in 2018, and the latest "Mortal Kombat" game also logged into Nintendo Switch;

At the end, it was mentioned that the various "violent" games that were launched later made the violence in "Night Trap" look "pediatric" hahaha;

The sixth episode is about the development of 3D games in Japan and the United States

Programmer Dylan Cuthbert dropped out of school at the age of 18 to enter a game company. He cracked the Nintendo handheld GameBoy to create 3D effect games without Nintendo's permission. After being found out by Nintendo, he was invited to Nintendo headquarters. And Shigeru Miyamoto showed the Super Nintendo console (SFC) that was being developed in secret, and proposed to install a 3D processing chip in the cassette;

The thousand torii gates (a large series of connected red gates) of Fushimi Inari Taisha inspired Shigeru Miyamoto, and the fox, one of the symbols of the shrine, became the protagonist of the game Star Fox;

The two programmers of Star Fox are two foreigners (Dylan Cuthbert and Giles Goddard), and the office at Nintendo headquarters is far away from other employees and is the only place where Shigeru Miyamoto can smoke, so they and Shigeru Miyamoto I had a lot of contacts and learned about Shigeru Miyamoto's genius;

In addition, John Romero, one of the founders of id software, said that he likes a dark work environment (he doesn't even wear glasses!);

At that time, the performance of the computer was lower than that of the game console. John Romero's partner John Carmack (the computer game industry god, with a pair of thick glasses, speaking of these two are called John) spent a night to simulate on the computer. The effect of "Super Mario 3";

The name of Doom (Doom) comes from the name of the billiard cue in Tom Cruise's movie "The Color of Money". Doom is the pioneer of online games and the credit of Carmack;

At that time, Doom adopted a three-disk marketing strategy, that is, to give players a floppy disk for free to play a part, and if the player is satisfied, they will buy the other two floppy disks, which is a bit like the demo of the current game demo, which is also a pioneer;

Doom later opened the code so that it can be modified arbitrarily (geek spirit), so that this "old" game is still being re-created by some people, and I recommend the video of James: Bilibili BV1Q441197wE;

Concluding remarks from Atari founder Nolan Bushnell.

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I feel that there should be a second season. The game can tell a lot about what to tell. I look forward to it.

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