The class representative summarizes the points that I find interesting

Curtis 2022-07-16 18:57:00

The rating of this documentary is r21 (Singapore) to remind everyone to watch it as appropriate.


Space Invader was inspired by The War of the Worlds (this book is really inspiring). It turned out that floating in the air were octopus, crabs and other seafood. It's a shame I kept calling people "little bees" when I was a kid

Pac-Man was inspired by a missing piece of pizza. So expressive.

Game consoles are gifts parents give their children.


Nintendo started out as a flower card...

Nintendo once had ambitions to win the American market, and Super Mario and Zelda were more or less made for Americans to play. As a result, the culture was accidentally exported.

The source of Kirby Star is an American lawyer named Kirby. He helped Nintendo win a lawsuit against Universal. (I really like this arrogant grandpa)

(But after Nintendo won, they rushed to the Universal Theater to compete.)

(post a still photo, haha)


Sega was a gaming giant on par with Nintendo in the 1980s and 1990s.

Sonic was designed to fight Super Mario while promoting their new console. (And what about the Super Sonico?) The inspiration was a roller coaster.

The owner of ea founded ea because he likes football (American style). But today they are more famous for football (English style).


The source of inspiration for the rpg is Dnd's group running board game.

The original art setting of Final Fantasy was Yoshitaka Amano. (Although the art of this series has always been good, the debut is the peak)


The character of "Street Fighter" is actually Yasuda Ryo.

(And the name of capcom has never been mentioned, it's too unprofessional ?)

Because of the release of the violent game Street Fighter, the U.S. Congress also held a hearing, and the game was rated in 1993.

(The moon abroad is big and round)


(As a dizzy 3d shooter, I have no memory of this)

In the end, this documentary was super fun to watch. What is recorded is our (player) history. Then the words of a black gay brother in the super resonance:

I like games because in reality there are so many add-ons to our group. In the game, we follow the same set of rules regardless of skin color, nationality, or sexual orientation. I think it's really cool.

Yes, I think it's really cool.

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