Mortal's Confession

Jolie 2022-07-16 16:32:40

As the title suggests, gaming is probably the most mundane competitive activity. The competitive nature of the game is fascinating. This film mentions a lot about the history of game competitions. The most shocking thing for me is the history of the space invader in the first episode.

In the comments on Baldur's Gate and Ingress, the origin of all RPGs is Ultima and DND. This is another branch of gaming, the re-creation of the world. This desire for world re-creation has ultimately shaped all the astounding worlds from Ultima to wow. And look at the last example of doom, except for the technological progress, it is essentially a competition in a fantasy world for everyone.

In my memory, eSports originated from quake2. That was the history shortly after the last doom of this documentary, it was the most glorious era of id, and it was also associated with the name of a player named thresh. But now I know that it actually originated not only from space invaders, but also from fighting Contras with neighbors, as long as you have the experience of fighting 3 or 4 cycles with 3 lives.

As a competitive activity, games have two natural advantages, one is that the threshold is extremely low, and the other is that they are extremely competitive. I have a friend who plays Magic. He told me that he had played billiards for a while, but later found that once this activity entered the competitive level, it would inevitably have some physical requirements, so he gave up. He later started playing poker, in part because he found no physical requirements for the activity. If you think about the threshold of Texas Hold'em, I think that's what it means to have a very low threshold. At the same time he is a very strong sense of victory and defeat. In the past, I talked about my experience in playing quake3 and warcraft3. I said that the sense of victory and defeat is very demanding for all competitive activities, but it is not easy for others to feel it. Not surprisingly, he was the one with the most pro points among those of us.

But this film also mentioned a very interesting point for me, which is about flow and zone. I wrote a diary before about the feeling of transcendence by viewing static macroscopic scenes. Man, it is difficult to be satisfied. If people feel dissatisfied regardless of whether the desire is satisfied or not, that is, the pain of not being able to satisfy the desire for a long time and the continuation of boredom after the desire is satisfied. Only by transcending all kinds of thoughts about desire can we get a solution, that is, the bondage of time.

I have thought about such a problem, sometimes when driving, I don't think about all kinds of driving at all, and there is no foreign object to disturb it. Man seems to have become a machine, with no other thought than to drive the car to the destination. It seems that this is exactly the concept of flow, and the person driving into the field.

That is, for a period of time, when the purpose becomes so clear and strong that your actions are entirely for this purpose, you ignore the existence of time, and thus achieve a kind of transcendence or liberation. And that seems to be exactly the kind of feeling I felt when I played games as a kid. If you take a closer example, it is the feeling of playing a wolf when you keep retrying a certain boss. In fact, this phenomenon is not just when playing games. When I finish a novel near 1am and don't finish it until finally 4am, I believe I'm also in the field.

It's just that for mortals, as they grow older, the purpose of life is always more and more uncertain, and this concept is always less and less strong.

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