Highlights in video game history

Mae 2022-09-24 14:09:31

Highlights in video game history featured in this film:

In 1978, Tomohiro Nishikaku 's "Space Invaders" increased the sales of arcade machines by 200 times. The Atari 2600 system in the American game industry was a super best-selling home game console (that is, the predecessor of the Xiaobawang learning machine that I played when I was a child). );

Several college students from MIT bought a game console for a few days and put it in the dormitory building to earn back their tuition fees and modified the program to increase the difficulty of the game in order to prevent people from playing for so long;

Pac-Man was inspired by pizza;

In 1980, Nintendo's Hirokazu Tanaka entered the American market with "Radar Screen" and "Donkey Kong" . After redesigning the colors, Nintendo's handheld sales were astonishing, occupying three-quarters of the U.S. market share. Later, "Super Mario" created by Shigeru Miyamoto. "Ao" is even more popular all over the world;

Nintendo's service is also quack, with game consultants to help players answer questions about customs clearance, and also founded "Nintendo Power" magazine and comics to provide players with strategies, and thoughtfully changed fonts and colors for American readers;

In 1976, "Giant Hole Adventure" was another form of game other than competition. It brought the story and people's choices in the form of text, and inspired the RPG games "Acapella" and "Creation" , which later made the game show a variety of trends. Chronicles, Final Fantasy, etc.;

Genesis 4 injects moral conscience into the game, and individuals need to be responsible for their actions;

In 1991, Sega joined the competition in the home game market, and Kalinsky, Nakayama Hayao, Yasuhara Hirowa, and Oshima Naoto's "Sonic the Hedgehog" broke new ground;

In 1991, the fighting game "Street Fighter 2" created more characters and more grotesque shapes. The innovations of Ryo Nishitani and Ryo Yasuda brought the immersion of the game and inspired the birth of more violent games, such as " Street Fighter 2". Mortal Kombat ;

Later, Congress debated the not-so-famous game "Night Trap" , and established a game rating system. In fact, the introduction encouraged young people to find more exciting games;

In 1993, the competition between the Internet and game consoles, the game was three-dimensional from the plane and was given a first-person perspective. This is the secret research of Nintendo Shigeru Miyamoto, and it is also the future breakthrough of Internet games, "Star Fox" and "Doom" .

The show brings back a lot of good old times as kids, our 90s and 00s entertainment turned out to be old memories of someone else's 70s and 80s.

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