I played sonic when I was like 6 too lol

Elsie 2022-11-03 12:18:36

I didn't know so many British and Americans were so important in creating stuff for Japanese companies too Because they hacked a Nintendo console. And made it capable of running a game in 3d. Which is illegal to do. But the Nintendo staff didn't t believe that is possible and they wanted to see it after they heard about it so invited them and saw. Then asked them if they will make a game for their new console like thisThat game was 1993 tho and built on a console that wasn't designed for 3d They put a new chip into the game cartridge to make it work because they couldn't change a console that already exists We played this in school ? on the school pcs we are meant to learn onWhen the teacher isn't looking we played doom and quake lol To see if they could do it. They have to try it 1995 was the movie.The game was probably 93Well theyr not aimed at kids lolNot sure why America was so afraid of stuff in the 70s-90s theyr always a bit stupid. I like mortal kombat as a kid I played a lot maybe around 1996 kinda timeSonic and Mario are gamesBy different companies. Sega and Nintendo Kind if joint team but Japan made the sonic game

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