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Roman 2022-07-04 19:15:28

Of Human Bondage The language was witty, and there was laughter from time to time in the theater. Davis plays an unlikable waitress who turns to the medical student who was obsessed with her in the first place whenever she has a problem. The medical doctor played by Leslie Howard (that is, Ashley in Piao Li) has some problems with his feet. Although he knows that Davis has no intention of him, he can't ignore her every time she comes to the door, even if he has a good girlfriend at the time. It's like this over and over again, torturing each other, which is quite SM-like. In the end, it was naturally the evil woman who got her retribution, and the man was finally freed and married the beautiful woman who was always by his side. Davis' performance in this film is very explosive, and the cursed scene can only make people wow.

This time was actually a celebration for middle school classmates who found a good job. After watching the movie, she felt a lot. I think the medical student is like this because of his low self-esteem. Then he extended his sigh of how to overcome his inferiority complex. Really fun.

Old movies don't have those computer technologies, they rely on the actors to drive the emotions, and they still have a lot of touches. Maybe it's the classic charm.

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Of Human Bondage quotes

  • Mildred Rogers: Anything you want?

    Philip Carey: Yes, if you don't mind I'd like to talk to you. Um... filthy weather, isn't it?

    Mildred Rogers: Makes no difference to me. I have to be here all day.

    Philip Carey: Don't talk like that. I only wanted to say something pleasant.

    Mildred Rogers: Well, say it.

    Philip Carey: You know you have a lovely smile. You should try using it more often.

    Mildred Rogers: Oh, don't go spoofing me. A girl who works hard all day like I do. I don't have much reason to smile.

    Philip Carey: Perhaps I could find a reason. Would you let me try?

  • Philip Carey: I thought you were never coming.

    Mildred Rogers: Ooh, like that. After keeping me waiting. I almost went home.

    Philip Carey: I was in the second class waiting room. I thought you said you'd be there.

    Mildred Rogers: No, I said "is it likely I would sit in the second class if I could sit in the first?" For a gentleman of brains you don't use them, do ya?

    Philip Carey: Perhaps not. Anyway you're here, so it's alright, isn't it?

    Mildred Rogers: You certainly do make a girl feel important to ya.