Those short comments say whitewashing, your hearts are too dark

Katrine 2022-09-18 17:15:59

A child, because he was bullied when he was a child, left a psychological shadow. At the same time, he actually yearns for the attention and approval of others, so he may also adopt the method of bullying, which may be more isolated. The negative impact of children's psychological development is very large, and they may grow into an anti-social personality, lacking a sense of trust and security. But after negotiating with lou, the little boy completed two major redemptions: 1. Retrieving the bear (face up to the past of being bully - this is one of the reasons why he became bully - to find the lost beauty). 2. Return the stolen things and help more people to find the lost things. I have won the gratitude and recognition of my classmates. I can play with my classmates normally in the future, and I no longer need to go through bully. What an important milestone for the little boy's future growth. And when you see such a beautiful thing happen, the first reaction is actually: This can also be whitened! ? I can't take it. Why can you bully others when you are bullied! ?

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