if there was not you

Tate 2022-09-18 17:58:12

Reminiscent of "Toy Story", the toys are discarded by the owners, and it is their dream to return to the owners. Only when the owners are around are they truly happy. These lost things are also, if they leave the owner, they will become waste, meaningless, because other people will not care about them, only when they return to the owner, it will have the value of existence, because the owner originally put it away because he liked it. Take them home. This is a bit like Schrödinger's cat theory. Before meeting the owner, the object is meaningless, and the meaning between the owner and the object is mutual.

ps: In an interview with C6, an American film critic expressed concern about Disney's aggressive acquisition of Pixar and other film and television companies, and worried that the monopoly would affect the audience to see more good works. Fortunately, Pixar did not fall.

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