Love is good medicine, enough to melt steel

Gayle 2022-10-29 00:39:48

Behind the clip:

This film is a short film attached to "Cars 3"

Short film theme:

① Love is like medicine, it heals all wounds

② Oppose school bullying and build a good school environment

Short video analysis:

① From the point of view of the active side of bullying: The perpetrator is always injured first, and he thinks that he can make up for the injury by doing the same action. Force yourself to be strong to protect your fragile heart.

② From the point of view of the bullied party: in light of a smile, it will affect the whole life.

Another point of bullying is that it is "circular", and the perpetrator always suffers first. Only with love can we influence and end this cycle.

Highlights of the film:

① Poster of the short film: echoing the theme

Lost and found in English is LOST AND FOUND, L, O, U are three of the letters. And the lost and found box in the opening screen just happened to lose LOU. With the plot, it is not difficult to find that the title and the text of the film form an interesting intertext.

② Novel imagination: characters composed of various objects

③ Use warm tones and childish children to tell about heavy and cruel bullying, so that people are no longer afraid and full of hope.

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