Push it, maybe it's a cliff

Jean 2022-07-20 14:51:54

[Spoiler alert] I just finished watching it, and I feel that the evaluation is generally too low, and I personally feel it is okay.

Many details of the film are not shown according to the audience's viewing habits, so the situation of some content may be a little niche. But it actually made me feel real.

The female lead actress is suffering from depression, insults, contradictions, and ups and downs, and her education and ideas have bound her to a certain extent. Personally, I feel that what the actors show is to make people taste the role. Although it is not amazing, it will not be boring (after all, the film The female protagonist in the film has a certain role in the drama, and she is also a woman who pursues her subjective will. In such an era, the atmosphere in the film shows a sense of disobedience. This sense of disobedience is actually more The sins of several other characters are more prominent).

The maid's strength, slenderness and gentleness make it easy to have a good impression, and there is a gentle intimacy in the actor's temperament. The rhythm of this film does not emphasize too much, feelings (it seems to end in panic and pain at the beginning), nor excessive exaggeration of anger and justice, it seems to be a kind of greenness without writing, but it is neat and tidy, which is not right Is it the reality? We don’t have many opportunities to think about choices. Everything happens suddenly. After the dust settles, there is only long-term disappointment and loneliness.

Many of the details of the film and the prototype of the story (there is no other reference other than the wiki) are more coherent, which makes the plot of the film more compact and does not hide its flaws.

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