The naked woman cuts people, it's done after the cut, this time Ke Luo didn't surprise me

Zachariah 2022-07-20 14:53:43

The whole atmosphere climaxed when she lifted the axe for the first time, and the back was boring.

Although the story is complete, the plot is really thin, and it only ends abruptly when Liz is acquitted. It can be regarded as a drama and a thriller atmosphere. In the name of Ji film, love is not the main line. Even the personalities of several main characters were not highlighted, which has to be said to be a bit disappointing. I want to show the oppression of women, class inequality, these deeper things, but they are only skins, and I don't even dig deeper into Liz, the very charming and scary protagonist, basically it is the first perspective from beginning to end.

The temperament of Chloe Sevigny is what I was attracted to her from the very beginning. Even though her face has aged a bit, her acting skills are still so unique that I am moved. She plays a ruthless, fierce and elegant and silent pervert. After beheading her stepmother, she can calmly dress up and kill her own father again. In the end, it is really amazing to handle the weapon calmly and calmly. It's the most enjoyable when you're human, and it's a relief to cut more than 40 times (here reminds that the bloody picture is more intuitive, but it's all from the perspective of a murderer). In the middle, I was also briefly touched by these two women who were also vulnerable. When they clasped their hands with tears in their eyes, the rabbits would bite people when they were in a hurry, not to mention the fierce women who killed two people. Isn't it the same as playing?

I have to say that Xiao K is very suitable to play this poor maid with a paralyzed face, and the sad interpretation after losing her mother is also very moving. Being erotic who is unwilling to be touched by an old pervert, forbearing and suppressing his performance is also very restrained and subtle, but not in place. The disappointed little expression when she wanted to kiss Liz but was rejected was subtle but good, and she always seemed to be frowning pitifully. The biggest problem is that Xiao K's acting is a bit cold, which is a bit contradictory to the cowardice of the character itself, and the second half of the performance is a bit broken.

Why is their house so terrifying, the lights have not been lit at home, and his father is still eccentric, just to create such a terrifying atmosphere, the soundtrack, which is a bit terrifying, feels particularly inexplicable (of course, the two people's feelings are warming up) The process of going to the thatched cottage is still very artistic), and some of the shots are very good.

I just want to say that the subject matter is very good, and the atmosphere of the literary film is in place. Colo Sevigny is still a producer, so why is it different? Ugh

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