Men never need to be sensible, but women do

Eino 2022-10-30 03:58:45

Thriller, tension, perverted distortion, but also explicit blood.

Actress Chloe Sevigny is also one of the producers. It can be said that this is the work she has worked hard for many years. In the film, Sevigny performs extremely well, always with an unhappy and defensive expression on her face. The determined look is sometimes scary, but the situation is very sympathetic.

And Kristen Stewart, who played the maid, this time, also put away the usual cool smile, coupled with the Irish accent, and threw herself into the role. The movie mostly has Sevigny playing, with Stewart competently serving as Greenleaf.

However, there is no solid evidence in history for the two people's same-sex relationship. But in the context of this film, this friendship is quite reasonable, after all, their only solace is each other.

The weaker part of the movie is the finale. After the murder, the director's interpretation of Liz stopped. It was a pity that it stopped abruptly after explaining the situation of several people. All that is left for the audience is consternation. How does such a murderer spend the rest of his life? Is the world's description of her true?

Or maybe Liz isn't some crazy murderer, just a woman born in the wrong age. It was the dislocation of her life that made her go bleak and difficult on the road of resistance.

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Lizzie quotes

  • Marshall Hilliard: To your knowledge, did your father have any enemies?

    Marshall Hilliard: Shall I repeat the question?

    Lizzie Borden: No, I heard you.

    Marshall Hilliard: Please answer.

    Lizzie Borden: This is America, sir.

    Lizzie Borden: Every man with a pulse has enemies.

  • Emma Borden: Andrew Jennings is father's attorney, and he knows nothing of a will.

    John Morse: There must be another attorney. An estate attorney.

    Emma Borden: Well, I find that hard to imagine. You knew father.

    Emma Borden: Probably thought he'd live forever.

    Emma Borden: I suppose that's a mistake we all make now, isn't it?