The movie is so pure, but I am so sinister.

Jackie 2022-07-07 17:04:30

When she was arguing with her brother, I thought my brother would not help her and ask my mother for money to sell goldfish, but my brother went.

She passed by the snake charmer, and I expected that the money would be defrauded by him, but I didn't expect that just the little girl's tears moved him, and the money was returned to her like this.

She lost the money, so she threw the small fish tank on the counter, I thought she would come to get it later, but she said, if there is no goldfish, what is the point of having a fish tank.

I thought that the old woman who passed by occasionally was just comforting her who was crying, but this old woman patiently accompanied her to find money.

I thought that the soldier who approached her would trick her into leaving, or even abduct and sell her, after all, she was only five years old. But she actually taught the soldier a lesson, saying that he should go home to visit his sister, after all, that day is the New Year. ÷

When I saw the Afghan boy who sold balloons helping to get the money out, I thought he would take away the money that came up.

My brother thought of sticking the money with chewing gum. When he got to the blind man selling chewing gum, I thought he would sneak a piece and run away. He ran away, but he didn't take the gum.

When my brother came back, the Afghan boy was no longer there. I thought he was busy selling balloons and went home early. But he came back with a piece of chewing gum.

The money was finally recovered. The two brothers and sisters ran away. After a while, they came back with a goldfish bowl. The Afghan boy was still there, with a bamboo pole and a white balloon. I thought that the two brothers and sisters would buy this white balloon to express their gratitude, so that the boy could also go home for the Chinese New Year. But the two brothers and sisters just ran past him and went home happily.

It's the new year, and it's already Tehran in 1937.

When did my heart become so sinister and complicated?

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  • Ali: You're whining again!

    Razieh: Mom refuses to give me money for the goldfish.

    Ali: Don't you like ours?

    Razieh: You call these goldfish, you haven't seen the others. It's as though they're dancing when they move their fins. And they've got so many fins.

    Ali: How much?

    Razieh: The shopkeeper said 100 tomans.

    Ali: 100 tomans! You want to pay 100 tomans for a goldfish. You can watch two films with that money. You're nuts.

  • Shop Owner: Time to go home now.