Malvina 2022-07-16 15:40:11

There are spoilers ha~~

We are not professional film critics, just make a few nonsense based on our own feelings.

Let's talk about the actors first: I won't talk about the appearance, the key is the expression, Nima's Xie Li has no expression from the beginning to the end, how strange the face looks, whether the mouth can't open or what is going on! Every time I see her, I get tangled...

Besides the plot, it is positioned as horror and sci-fi. Well, there is indeed sci-fi. After all, there is such a big monster, just one. What happened to the dog and the woman at the beginning? I have to give some shots of death, it's just so vague...

After the old security guard was caught, he could still sit on the steps and smoke, or should he sit on the steps first and smoke a cigarette and be caught, I don't know. , Smoking, just smoking, how did it become broken from sitting, and why do you have to give some shots of being caught. Besides, I don't know how long it's been torn apart. It should be a dead end. Why do you want to have a classic horror movie scene at the end: a sudden attack and grab the male protagonist's clothes. When I saw it at the time, I thought: Why is this! Did the director just want to scare people? However, it is not scary at all! ! ! Nonsense!

The plot of this movie is really jumping, more jumping than the thinking of girls. The crazy old man also appeared suddenly, too abrupt and discordant.
How did the male pig's feet escape, and there is no camera, is it just because the protagonist can't die so quickly...
Or the director wants to test the audience's association level...

The stereotypical love triangle between brothers and girlfriends, not much more to say , nothing remarkable.

The crazy old man didn't mean that most of London was under martial law, and there were police all over the place, but in the end, they walked out of the warehouse, but there was no one there. It is said that the No. 24 warehouse should be the key area for investigation, because the plane fell here, and the result was not even a single person. There are no ghosts...

When the plane first fell, the female staff's first reaction was to turn on the TV, O__O"..., um, no signal, all snowflakes~ But in the mad old man, you can watch it, why?

And that one The warehouse door, why can't it be opened for no reason! What is the reason! Monsters are controlled? Monsters still have this ability, are they controlled by thoughts!!

The director also seems to have spent a lot of time in the design of the horror elements, toilet cubicles, toilet mirrors, narrow passages, corridors one after another, sound effects, sudden silence, sudden abnormal noise, etc. These environments The factors are okay, but adding those few people and putting in a big monster that doesn't understand, it will become a farce with no level at all! So sad too! !

The dialogue at the end was too bland, so bland that I felt embarrassed for them!
Let another alien spaceship put a bomb on an innocent building, what's the matter? Are aliens attacking the earth again? Is our male pig's feet going to put on battle clothes and fight aliens in the sequel? O(∩_∩)O haha~

Anyway, this movie made me want to be disappointed! ! It didn't give me the slightest thrill of excitement!

but! ! ! ! ! What I like very much is the brave plush dog in the play, he is the biggest hero of the film! ! ! ! ! ! ! Suicide bombing, and that kind of powerful fireworks! So tear-jerking!

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