Interpretation of Jesus, miracles, apostles in a modern way

Makenna 2022-07-07 14:16:03

1. The actor who dubbed the erotic movie had a great talent as an actor, but he had to do such a job. Is he not the incarnation of Matthew, the despised tax collector, and he participated in the filming of the Passion of Jesus? In the small group, it is an insinuation of Matthew who was called by Jesus.

2. Isn't that beautiful actress, the actress in the perfume commercial, the incarnation of Mary Magdalene? She used to be like a prostitute, everyone wanted to have sex with her, and she wasn't sure what the meaning of her existence was, but she followed Jesus.

3. When I went to the audition, the actress was asked to be naked. The part where "Jesus" overturned the table reminded me of the part where the Lord Jesus overturned his son in the temple, "This is the place to worship my heavenly Father." , you've made this place a den of thieves."

3. At the end, isn't it the actions of the apostles after Jesus was resurrected? Keep the story of Jesus alive.

Thank God for such a good movie.

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