very sincere work

Olin 2022-11-24 14:29:59

For the low cost of production, I think this work is pretty good. The female lead is very good, and all along, the actors that K collaborates with are very professional. There are two key points: the pigeons were originally Lizzie's only solace, she would read to them every day, and the old man brutally slaughtered them in order to punish Lizzie. This is the most important thing, so that Lizzie can decide to kill her father. In addition, Lizzie and her sister are in a very passive situation. If their stepmother and uncle want to conspire to seize the birth, they will have nothing. If they want to break the situation, they can only take risks. And the little maid was only a part of the whole situation, and played a role in promoting. Emotionally, both Lizzie and the little maid are on the side of being persecuted by their father. In addition, it can't be said to be exploiting, but she really needs the little maid as an alibi. Lizzie originally wanted to live with the little maid, but the little maid was discouraged. She didn't have Lizzie's spirit of resistance and independence, so she didn't dare to fight against the society. Lizzie is very rebellious. At first, she went to the theater to watch the play, which was against her father's will. Lizzie put glass in the door and stabbed her father's feet, which was also a point of her resistance. The pigeons didn't eat it at all, and even threw it to the stepmother, making it even more rebellious. Step by step, a serious film with sincerity.

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Lizzie quotes

  • Marshall Hilliard: To your knowledge, did your father have any enemies?

    Marshall Hilliard: Shall I repeat the question?

    Lizzie Borden: No, I heard you.

    Marshall Hilliard: Please answer.

    Lizzie Borden: This is America, sir.

    Lizzie Borden: Every man with a pulse has enemies.

  • Emma Borden: Andrew Jennings is father's attorney, and he knows nothing of a will.

    John Morse: There must be another attorney. An estate attorney.

    Emma Borden: Well, I find that hard to imagine. You knew father.

    Emma Borden: Probably thought he'd live forever.

    Emma Borden: I suppose that's a mistake we all make now, isn't it?