8.6 Watching Notes

Tyrel 2022-10-06 19:29:06

The scene at the beginning of the fish pond in the courtyard is very good. It should be the most complete part of the whole story. The director uses scheduling to create a conflict between the little girl and the outside world. The script is also very good. The information is locked on the little girl, and the audience is clear I know the mind of the little girl, but other things, including the mother, father, brother, and the child who buys fish, and even the environment, the time background are deliberately blurred, the audience is equal to the girl, into the girl's inner world, this part The plot is promoted from two aspects. On the one hand, the little girl is going to buy a fish line. On the other hand, the outside world is preparing for the new year's various character lines. The tension is well done, but later, when the girl leaves the yard, the whole plot collapses. From the moment when the little girl finds out that she lost money in the fish shop, the director seems to want to use tight composition and editing to build conflict and dramatic tension, but the girl is helpless. The line is still the same, it is difficult to see the progress, and the outside is not painful or itchy. The intrusion of unknown characters loses the meaning of constructing external environment conflicts. Several characters do not know what homework is very tasteless, and the close-up also exposes the girl's acting skills. Defects, the character's state is detached from time to time, there are too many useless lines, and the scheduling starts to appear rigid. The director may want to follow the flow of life, but the dramatic thinking pulls him and limits him to a more life-like and simple direction. . It seems to be very suffocating, very boring, and the audience is really anxious. I know the director wants the quality of life, but it's just the wrong way of expressing it.

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The White Balloon quotes

  • Ali: You're whining again!

    Razieh: Mom refuses to give me money for the goldfish.

    Ali: Don't you like ours?

    Razieh: You call these goldfish, you haven't seen the others. It's as though they're dancing when they move their fins. And they've got so many fins.

    Ali: How much?

    Razieh: The shopkeeper said 100 tomans.

    Ali: 100 tomans! You want to pay 100 tomans for a goldfish. You can watch two films with that money. You're nuts.

  • Shop Owner: Time to go home now.