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The myth of human kindness and religious indoctrination that Iranian films have been striving to create has been shattered like a white balloon.

"White Balloon" outperformed "The Taste of Cherries" (1997), "Little Shoes" (1999), "Blackboard" (2000), "I grew up in Iran" (2007), "A Farewell" (2011) Well, representing the highest level of Iranian cinema.

Iranian films have won many international film awards, nothing more than the positive effect of religion on honesty and kindness, the annoying little things full of divinity and solid details, profound philosophical insights and insight into human nature; "White Balloon" is unique and dazzling.

The girl who lost money encountered various people, and the process of finding money was twists and turns. The lovely girl Shimizu came out of the hibiscus, and her smile and frown touched the heartstrings of the audience. With the help of an exotic teenager who sells balloons, the money is finally recovered. It seems that it is another children's story full of tears and human kindness -

in the face of Iran's extremely strict censorship system, Jafar Panasi showed his rebelliousness and strength in his bones: all this looks beautiful, but "it looks like "That's it.

The foreign boy was very happy, and soon his face was dazed.

Innocent, simple, cruel, and ungrateful little brothers and sisters, the carbine killed them so heartily that the audience thought that there was at least one thank you this time, but they left a ruthless back again, only a lost, lonely white balloon.

This leopard tail surpasses "The Third Man" and "The Mist", and is comparable to "Inspection on the Way" and "Memories of Murder". Really talented director. Children symbolize the people, and the people are not always innocent.

Regardless of religion or atheism, it is inseparable from the civic education of liberal democratic constitutionalism and the training of democratic means. Walter Lippmann warned in 1922 that a greater proportion of the masses were absolutely ignorant than we had imagined, and these people were spiritual children or savages, the natural prey of demagogues.

Jafar Panasi: "I never censor myself, I don't make any compromises. If you censor yourself, it's dangerous, more dangerous than the government censors you." Nobuyoshi said.

At the end of the film, there was a roar of thunder, and the narrator specially emphasized: This is just the beginning.

"White Balloon" can be called a fable of Iran's past, present and future.

This is just the beginning of the pun: Jafar Panahi, under house arrest, won the Golden Bear at this year's Berlin Film Festival for "Taxi."

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