Summarize the elements and easter eggs that echo before and after BCS in the third season (continuous update, welcome to add)

Jaquan 2022-09-19 19:08:26

1. In BCS S3E2, Ernesto told Kim about the recording of Jimmy, and before Kim told Jimmy, he asked Jimmy to give her a dollar, so that they even established a confidential relationship (forgot what the original words said), this scene is in BB also appeared in (S2E8), Brandon was arrested, Laobai Xiaofan asked Saul for help, Saul didn't help, they kidnapped Saul at night and forced him to help, and then Saul asked them to give him a dollar first.

2. In BCS S3E2, a sister named Francesca came to apply for a job at Jimmy and Kim's firm. I didn't expect that this job would last for so many years, until BB. I was very cautious when I first came to apply, and said that I changed jobs to make a difference haha ​​(after all, I worked in a public institution before, and I have guaranteed pensions and so on)

And when it came to BB S2E8, it was already an old fried dough stick. It feels so ironic to make a difference~~

3. In BCS S3E2, Lao Mai was lured into the wilderness by Uncle Fried Chicken's younger brother Victor.

Do you still have any impressions of this Victor brother? The one whose throat was cut by uncle fried chicken in BB


4. Uncle Fried Chicken likes to get close to the target by cleaning up…

5.BCS happened six years before BB's story, when Uncle Fried Chicken had his signature smile and hiding, while Jimmy was full of flaws. Suffice to say Jimmy has a long way to go, and Uncle Fried Chicken has always been that Uncle Fried Chicken

6. Lao Mai has been following the person who took the gasoline cap all night, and the horse boy has been collecting money all night. What he did is what Lao Mai did with Xiaofen later, and went everywhere to collect money, and Lao Mai probably never thought that he would follow in his footsteps in the future byはいばらあい 7. In BCS S3E3, the one that Lao Mai went to Pharmacy, do you still remember that doctor? Dr.Barry Goodman, in BB S4E11 to save Lao Mai and Uncle Fried Chicken, in S5E1 he tells Lao Mai that Uncle Fried Chicken is dead~

8. In BCS S3E3, Lao Mai and Uncle Fried Chicken are connected. Do you still remember the little brother behind Uncle Fried Chicken? Tyrus Kitt, Uncle Fried Chicken's bodyguard, killer and driver, has been with Uncle Fried Chicken for many years

9. In BCS S3E4, Don Eladio, this eldest brother holds Uncle Fried Chicken's money and can't keep his mouth shut. How does he know that he will die under Uncle Fried Chicken's hands in the future~ Uncle Fried Chicken is too deep, gentleman It's not too late to take revenge.

10. At the beginning of BCS S3E4, Ximenez Lecerda, the younger brother behind Hector, will play against Lao Mai in BB in the future~ The final fate is to die under the hands of the two killer brothers

11. The scene of hanging shoes in BCS S3E3 is familiar to everyone. Similar scenes also appeared in BB and S4E11, if I remember correctly.

12. In the beginning of BCS S3E4, Juan Bolsa, who appeared later, is this guy. In BB, he cut off Tortuga's head and put it on a turtle and killed a few policemen~~

18. The technique of shooting from the water is widely known in BB~ I saw this scene for the first time in BCS S3E4, and I thought there was a teddy bear floating over

19. Haha, our big black fat bodyguard Huell Babineaux is online~~ Saul once said that he hired a bodyguard because Mic once threatened to break his leg hahahaha. Have you noticed that Huell is thinner than when he was in BB? From BB to BCS, he lost 100 pounds~~

20. Krazy-8 appeared again. In S3E6, he also mentioned that this time the drug money was low because of a "new kid". I think this new kid is likely to be Jesse~~

The work clothes this buddy wears, Tampico Furniture, is the furniture business opened by his family~~~ This has also appeared in BB. The cradle that Lao Bai gave to Xiao Bai was bought at their house.

21. In S3E6, Stacey asked Lao Mai to build a playground for the church. This playground is very likely to be in the future BB. DEA came to Lao Mai, and Lao Mai left Kaylee in that playground.

22. In S3E6, the 1966 Macallan bottle that Howard brought to Chuck retails for $3687~~~~ A top for local tyrants!

23. The taxi company that Rebecca took when he went to find Chuck in the opening chapter of S3E6, ABQ Cab Co. taxi, is a real taxi company. But just a few months ago, it closed...

24. The advertisement shot by jimmy in S3E6, if you feel like an old white at first glance, please raise your hand~ Hahaha

25. Such a big massage advertisement in S3E6, I searched, oh, there really is this shop~~2610 Pennsylvania St NE


26. In S3E6, Uncle Fried Chicken took a fancy to the laundry factory. Isn't this the place where Lao Bai will make meth in the future~~

27. In S3E6, Lydia Rodarte-Quayle came out~ The beauty who sells methylamine to uncle fried chicken, actually I don't like this girl very much~

28. The opening scene in S3E7 and the scene in S2E3 mirror each other. However, Jimmy, who was very beautiful at the time, has all kinds of hardships now.

29. In S3E7, Jimmy once again mentioned the stalk of kevin costner~~

30. In S3E8, the corpse that Mike dug up was the corpse of the good guy who was killed by Ding Ding before.

31. In S3E8, the drinks Kim ordered at the restaurant also appeared in S2E6

32. In S3E8, Jimmy was lying on the floor in the office and played Smoke on water, which is one of his old friend Marco's favorite songs. This song was sung by Marco in S1E4 when he was lying on the floor and pretending to be drunk.

33. Does the spider at the beginning of S3E8 remind you of the spider at the beginning of BB?

34. The crazy-8 logo appears on S3E9, yes, crazy8 is a store that sells children's clothing hahahahaha

35. S3E10

The bell in front of Ding Ding heralds the final fate of Ding Ding

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