"Breaking Lawyer" S3E3: You are not alone

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All in one go. Even if there is no explosion like the last episode, it is just a gentle and straightforward story, which still makes me fascinated, and I don't even realize that an episode is over-isn't this kind of tone that we like? The plot of this episode seems to be flat, but there is a major breakthrough in relationship changes: Mike and Gus officially meet, and it is basically certain to join forces; Jimmy and Chuck officially break up, severing their brotherhood, and there is no possibility of reconciliation. The rest is just tit for tat . Regardless of Mike or Jimmy, they are no longer fighting alone. The former has strong support, and the latter has a woman who loves each other to help. What are the difficulties and obstacles in front of them?

Boiled frogs in warm water, no negotiation

As usual, the microphone line starts.

The scene at the beginning sold us a lot . The empty and lonely road on the border line, the hot sun, and a pair of shoes with holes hanging on the telephone pole. What kind of road is this?

No lines, no characters, just a truck from a fried chicken shop driving away, shoelaces breaking, shoes falling to the ground in slow motion - this scene reminds me of old white's trousers flying in the wind in episode 1 of The Poisoner , maybe The environment and intentions are completely different, but the same " sense of fate " still strikes.

Back to the main show, Mike and Gus met smoothly after a simple negotiation. Smart people talk to smart people with ease. In a few words, everything is understood.

Gus exposed Mike's true face. Except for the apparent reason that Hector had threatened his family, in fact, Mike felt guilty for the kind-hearted passerby who died because of him. Such a bad guy deserves to die.

Uncle Fried Chicken said matter-of-factly, "I'll be in trouble if you kill Hector, so please stop... But I'm not against you if you continue to trouble him ."

This is obviously to use Mike to find fault with Hector. Of course, the shrewd Mike will not be a gunman casually - but Gus doesn't care at all , "If this is the case, then the grievance between you and him will end here, don't let it go. Intervene again."

It can be seen that Gu Si has a love for talent, but that's all. If it is not easy to control, then just leave it alone, it is not a pity .

Neither of them got any advantage from the other, and they were awe-inspiring when they met their opponents.

Gus's straightforwardness was obviously very appealing to Mike , so after the two broke up, Mike immediately stopped him: "You want to hijack his truck, you want to destroy his supply chain, Hector is you Competitors... I'm not finished with Hector Salamanga ."

Well, we are all smart people, since we have a common enemy, let's join forces to fix him .

It is said that there are two old faces of poison masters in this episode, one is the "little black brother" under Uncle Fried Chicken , and the other is the doctor who did emergency rescue during the trip to Mexico (the time is related, no more pictures) .

Mike found the doctor and asked him for a pack of white powder - it is certain that the powder he has here is the same batch that was transported on the truck later , a private clinic where Mexicans see a doctor, and an ideal place to sell powder...

Mike came to the drug transport line of the Salamanga gang, where the driver hid his gun on the US-Mexico border , hung up the shoes with drugs, and waited for the target to appear.

Now there is one more person being transported. It can be seen that after the last incident, Hector has also strengthened his escort force to prevent accidents .

Mike fired a shot to threaten them when they were hiding the gun, and the two people who were harboring ghosts were naturally frightened ... But the gunshots rang several times, but the two still showed no signs of being attacked.

Is there someone hunting nearby? Not for us. When the two got up and were still safe and sound, they also thought that a nearby hunter had fired.

Since the gunfire has nothing to do with us, let's continue on the road in peace .

All you need is to let your guard down .

When the truck started to leave again, the sound of Mike's gunshots no longer attracted their attention . Naturally, they would not have thought that the shoes on the roof had been pierced, and white powder had fallen on the truck .

The two narcotics escorts thought that this was just another ordinary escort mission without any danger. How could they have expected to be trapped earlier, and they were naturally arrested when they crossed the border.

It doesn't matter whether there is a lot of drugs on the truck at this time, as long as you press a fishy tail, then this fishy truck is destined to be finished .

Well, Uncle Fried Chicken's ideas and plans have finally come to the fore at this point.

Since Gus and Hector’s previous family were Mexican drug lords, once Hector died suddenly, Gus, as the biggest beneficiary, would directly suffer a heavy blowbut if Hector himself screwed up, it would be another time. It happened . The truck was first robbed inexplicably, and then caught by the border inspection. In desperation, the Salamanga family could only give up this drug transport route .

So, as soon as the chicken shop truck drove past, we knew the route was owned by Gus .

Gus wants revenge, but his current strength is still too weak compared to his enemies.

Because, his revenge is not simply taking his life, no no no, that would be too cheap for the enemy... If he kills, he will be punished, and he will take away all the things he cherishes, just like now, slowly in him Cut out a series of openings on his body, slowly bleeding, and then slowly chop off his limbs, and when he has nothing, he will show a smile of revenge .

May not be friends, but can be like-minded

The other main line will be left to the end. Let’s talk about an interesting detail about Jimmy, and it is also Saul Goodman’s real weapon of all kinds – turning passers-by into his own .

Well, Jimmy is squatting again, although it is not the first time, but since he came to Albuquerque, Jimmy has been imprisoned as a client for the first time.

This scene is too rare, and I have never squatted, are you embarrassed to say that you are a coquettish lawyer?

Obviously, the old acquaintance Bill will not miss this scene when he hears the wind. He gloated and couldn't wait to see Jimmy's embarrassment .

But the ridicule was ridiculed, but the normal communication between the two was not disturbed by this embarrassment - because Jimmy didn't care how Bill looked at him at all , dead pigs are not afraid of boiling water, I don't care at all, brother, I have never seen any scenes. ...

What Jimmy cares about is, can you help me? Hey, we are old acquaintances, is it a little busy? Sure enough, Bill was happy .

As long as it's not that kind of endless relationship, Jimmy can become friends with the other party. It doesn't matter what the other party thinks of him, the interests are what matters .

It turns out that Jimmy's cheeky, sticky character in words and deeds worked so well , and Bill fought for him, albeit not completely, but gave him a very important message: " In Albuquerque None of these old acquaintances, we all know you , Jimmy."

Not only did Bill tell Jimmy that none of their old acquaintances could prosecute his case, but he also told him that the protagonist was a "tough but fair" sea from out of town .

The task was completed, and Bill did not forget to take the hamburger he had coveted (the desire to scoop up every drop of oil and water at his fingertips, how familiar it was).

Before saying goodbye, Bill also asked about the Mercedes-Benz car that Davis Maine had assigned to Jimmy. With the previous inquiry, it was obvious that he had no memory of Jimmy's former glamorous job .

On the one hand, it is contempt and ridicule . Bill looks down on jerk lawyers like Jimmy, and ridicules him for giving up his job in a large law firm. On the other hand, it is admiration and human affection . , and recognizes the acquaintance between him and Jimmy , even if the benefit is just a hamburger and a french fries, he is willing to help as much as he can for the sake of human relations - these two very different emotions can coexist, and Jimmy Let someone else do it for him.

Also, would like to mention Francesca. A series of encounters with Jimmy made the big boss temporarily offline from the law firm, but Francesca was not idle. She helped Jimmy to solve the problem of the small tooth marks on the wall. She was very winking and proactive .

Jimmy gave her this job opportunity, and she also likes Jimmy's bossy boss. The two are destined to grow together . Combined with her performance in the future, it can be said that they are really a family ... Let's talk about the appeal to the people around them. , Jimmy is more than his self-righteous older brother, do not know where to go .

Without the enemy brother, there is a lover

The most exciting scenes in this episode are still presented by the McGill brothers and Kim .

How hypocritical and shameless Chuck is , just look at his words: "... Please understand that I am helping you ....But I have to believe that you will bear the consequences and become a better person. You don't realize it yet, but Jimmy, this is an opportunity, so I'm not doing it to punish you. It's to make you realize that you have to make changes before it's too late...and destroy you yourself, or someone else . I believe you can change, you'll find your own path, and when you're ready, I'll help you walk that path together ."

Taking advantage of family affection and love to make you so miserable, but still righteously saying that it is all "for your own good", you should take the right path, yes, it is the one that I have laid out for you.

At this time, Jimmy has no emotions like anger or anger towards Chuck, and his grief is greater than death-when he has no emotional fluctuations towards another person, it shows that the relationship is really irreversible.

The McGill brothers were cut off.

After listening to Chuck's shameless remarks, Jimmy just expressed his heart: "...this time it is not so simple, you will die there, die alone ."

What should I do, get caught by the police, squat, wait for the trial...

Jimmy didn't tell Kim about this big event, and he had to rely on Ernesto to tip off the next day before Kim knew. Well, Ernie was fired by Chuck at the same time .

Chuck's cold and ruthless face is even more obvious here: O'Neill has been helping Chuck to run around after Jimmy . As a new assistant in the law firm, he has to be the nanny and minion of the big boss. Tian accepts all kinds of blatant taunts and difficulties from the other party . After doing so much, Chuck has no feelings at all. He only remembers that when he fainted in the print shop, Ernie told Jimmy a lie, and this time, Ernie will be punished. After using it and draining his last bit of value, Chuck finally kicked him .

Jin Huo rushed over and wanted to be Jimmy's attorney, but Jimmy refused her .

Don't put the benefits at hand, I will definitely help you wholeheartedly, what are you thinking?

Kim was puzzled, and Jimmy's response was: "...there's a reason I didn't call you, because it's my mess and it's my fault , okay? I'll take care of it, I know you want to help... ...but I can't, and won't let you resist . We're trying so hard not to let Chuck's damn revenge plan threaten the future we're building! I won't allow him to jeopardize our cause! No way! I'll take care of it. Myself, Jimmy McGill himself. All right? You gotta let me do it myself! "

Jimmy you are a real man! He didn't mention that he made a mistake for the sake of money, instead he took all the faults and punishments to bear, and tried his best not to let the beloved woman go into this troubled water, and the man dared to do it.

In contrast, Chuck is full of yin damage and damage . Faced with Hai who was going to prosecute the case, Chuck pretended to say a lot, why is the crime not so serious? My brother has a good heart, he is just too impulsive...

In short, the rhythm of Hai, who is also a legal elite, has been completely brought over by Chuck's one-sided words... Until the end, Chuck finally said his true purpose, "a better solution" .

It was late at night, and Jimmy and Kim had another cigarette together, just as they had been in the HHM underground parking lot, and it didn't taste very good, but it felt right.

"Pre-trial transfer" sounds like a good result. As long as you plead guilty, you will not stay or prosecute. There is only one condition - "My written confession must be immediately turned over to the New Mexico Bar Association, I Thought he wanted me to go to jail, but he just wanted to revoke my lawyer's license ."

Ha, I thought I had thought about Chuck bad enough, but the reality is that he is far worse than I thought, it doesn't matter if Jimmy goes to jail or something, it's not that he hasn't squatted, let him continue to hold a lawyer's license. The worst thing, for his own good, and for everyone's good, deprive him of his legal status .

"If I lose the trial, then I will still face the Bar Association, and possibly even go to jail... He trapped me ." Either jump into the trap that Cha Keming laid out and ruin his career as a lawyer, or in the investigation Under the manipulation of the Bar Association, which is full of cronies, he has to accept a trial that is almost impossible to win, wash his buttocks and wait for jail time .

Jimmy said he fought alone , but Kim said " you're not alone ."

Jimmy turned to Kim and said, " Is it worth it for him ?"

Jin didn't answer immediately, but looking at her expression, she understood that she had already said, "For you, it's worth it."

Having seen too many fly camping dogs and bullying, Jin is no longer the good girl who was in HHM back then. Perhaps when she promised Jimmy to come out and work alone, the answer was already given.

Lovers are united, and their profits break gold.


Since Wednesday is going to be a busy day, and it will be evening to go back, I should hurry up and write the drama review of the third episode while I have time tonight.

Watching this drama is so magical, it's addictive ... and I have to say that after writing so many dramas, the lawyer's composition and pictures are the best, and even the screenshots have become a kind of enjoyment , yes, I am every episode. I have to praise this, for excellent quality, I never begrudge my praise.

Also, are you still following my account? (manually funny)

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