"Desperate Lawyer" S3E4: The back waves of the Yangtze River push the front waves

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Times are changing, but most people belong only to their own era. Facing the wave of reform and change, they are either powerless or unwilling to go crazy... After watching the fourth episode, I came up with the phrase "The back waves of the Yangtze River push the front waves, and the floating waves push the front waves." Hector and Chuck feel the same way. Facing the impact of the younger generation like Gustavo, Jimmy, and Kim, they feel extremely uncomfortable, blind but confident. As everyone knows, with the passage of time, these old-fashioned people will be shot to death on the beach sooner or later.

Gus vs Hector

Uncle Fried Chicken, this is the rhythm of jumping to become the third male lead...

Let’s briefly review the past grievances between Gustavo, Hector and Talladeo: the young and vigorous Gus and his good buddies (ji friends?) have skills and abilities, and are promising new stars in the drug dealer world. , they set up and met the big drug lord Talladio, hoping to cooperate and then show their skills, but unfortunately their innocence was exchanged for a bloody lesson - Hector shot Gus's buddy in the head, leaving only the collection. Distributor Gusi, the seeds of hatred were planted .

Talent + blood feud = a plan to uproot the enemy . So the job has to be doubled, and in the words of Gustavo's Bolsa, " he's a distribution genius ."

For Hector, who is also a dealer, Gus's excellence reflects his own mediocrity. Therefore, when Hector came to pay tribute at the beginning of the film, he acted in a serious manner: he told the boss that he had acquired an ice cream company, used it as a cover for drug trafficking, and brought a small gift.

It can be seen that Hector is learning from Gus's "successful experience", but he can only imitate the "shape" (the business cannot be completed by buying), and the "meaning" can never be learned.

Before he had finished bragging about his bullshit, Bolsa came. When Hector peeked at Gus's gift, he understood how much pressure Gus was putting on Hector - one wrapped in a paper bag. t-shirt? It doesn't seem to be a big deal, and Hector can only say sour things like "ass brother".

In fact, gifts are nothing, and Eladio only cares about real money : "See, Hector? It's neat, from now on, everyone must bring money like this, no more Use a rubber band."

A bag of crumpled banknotes tied with rubber bands, and three bags of neatly sealed U.S. banknotes are also distributors, and the judgment is made .

Hector is just an old drug dealer who lives in the old era of fighting and killing. Even if he is in love with the boss, he is still a high-level gangster; while Gus began to use business management to run the industry (and even began to produce and sell it himself) , the efficiency and benefits can be imagined.

Whoever brings more money is more popular. This is human nature . Of course Eladio understands Hector's mood, so he also wants to ease him a little, after all, they are old friends - but this can't stop him from being fond of Gus .

Sooner or later, Hector will be swept into the pile of old papers and eliminated by the times.

Bolsa was very aware of Hector's character, so he immediately warned him not to trouble Gus, relying on his seniority to compete with more capable juniors, he could do such a thing .

Maybe Hector could barely endure it before, but the transportation routes have been in trouble one after another, and even the ice cream shop has been copied by the DEA. Now he must not be able to sit still.

Hector has no proof that Gus caused his problems - but he's not a lawyer, and he doesn't need proof. In addition, he was already full of disgust for Gus, so he didn't care whether it had anything to do with Gus, he just wanted to find fault .

The fried chicken shop is a serious business on Gu Siming's face . Hector, like a gangster in his early twenties, went to the shop to smoke and make trouble, and he had to force the boss to come forward.

I have to mention Ignacio here . Another horse boy wanted to stop the customer leaving the store, but he stopped him with his eyes, which proved that he was a measured person. Combined with his previous behavior of entrusting Mike to kill Tutu, see It turns out that staying in an old-fashioned criminal organization like the Salamanga family has made him uncomfortable.

(As the last one to leave, Ignacio gave Gus one extra look, foreshadowing that they would have a story later.)

What was Gus doing when Hector was all the rascal in the fried chicken shop? In the fire station, as a law-abiding "honorary businessman", I am friendly and friendly with everyone . "Gus Flynn is the mainstay of the local business community, not only because he gave us travel lottery tickets, but also because he made the best bombs in the city. chicken!"

Gus said, "I hope I never bother you," but what he wants is the critical moment, and the law enforcement and rescue departments must be on his side .

Gus had long anticipated Hector's guilt and unreasonable behavior . Back in the store, he first moved out the " righteousness " of collective interests and told Hector that he violated the rules and crossed the line, which first took a stand on the issue of right and wrong .

However, the stubborn Hector didn't care about this. He directly ordered Gus to say: "I am the group! From now on, you will deliver the goods for me, and you will deliver the goods to the north for me."

He thinks he is an old senior, and he is a buddy with the boss, so he can rely on the old and sell the old, and eat the younger generation who are behind. Hector's words and deeds show his stubbornness, irrationality, stupidity and arrogance .

Gus first explained it with reason and reason, and then shipped the goods for the other party. I am afraid that there will be a problem with the sales on our side. Then he threw a rather embarrassing question: " Does Eladio allow this? "

It was obvious that it was a trick, but the fearless Hector still plunged into it, making mistakes without knowing it, and the old stubborn, smelly and tough temperament was here at a glance.

In the face of such a pig opponent, Gus has a hundred ways to make him go. The easiest way is to listen to Hector's words honestly, and then the sales profit will drop sharply.

It's no wonder that when Gus was alone in the store, he couldn't help but smile - you need to know that apart from acting in front of people, Uncle Fried Chicken can't laugh when he is alone. It can be seen that Hector was forced into chaos and his trick was successful. how happy he was .

Look again at Gus's words of comfort to the clerks the next day: "...but suddenly, I thought 'No, no, this is America, here, the righteous have no reason to be afraid , and here, those people have no power.'" When they found out that I was not afraid of them, they slipped away like cowards... We will move on, friends, and I assure you that as long as we stand united, we will prosper ."

The people who work in the fried chicken shop are law-abiding ordinary people, and Gus's words are enough to comfort.

Give ordinary people a livelihood to support their families, and give young people the opportunity to grow and promote ( Lyle ) You can still become a high-ranking person in the same way, this kind of genius, how do you fight Hector?

PS: The assistant manager Lyle looks like a positive young man. He made Gus the idol of successful entrepreneurial success and hard work , but the guy is a little simple . Combined with his performance in this episode, he has a hunch that he will cause some trouble later. .

Mike & Gus

Being able to push Hector into such a panicked situation was all thanks to Mike's actions alone. Gus was so happy that he couldn't keep his mouth shut. Naturally, he wanted to reciprocate. However, Mike didn't accept cash if he didn't take it for nothing . Gus was even more impressed by him .

Before Gus personally came to talk to Mike, Mike was watching "Handyman". Combined with the previous dialogue between him and Jimmy, you are really the man who wants to become the king of craftsmen...

[In the second episode of the drama review, I said that I wanted to write a topic about the interaction between Jimmy and Mike . Now it seems more and more necessary. I have reserved some of the content in this episode, and I will use it after the end of the third season. These two are really So loving. 】

Gus is here to ask Mike, why don't you accept the money? You should need. Mike's answer was as down-to-earth as always : I didn't do those things for you, nor for money, but for my own peace of mind.

Mike's original intention was to avenge the good-hearted passers-by who died because of his own mistakes (so Hector killed him and never thought that Mike was doing something because he couldn't understand this motive), not to help Gus or himself .

Affectionate and righteous, principled bottom line, as well as superb skills and abilities, low-key and steady, flexible head, such talents, Fried Chicken is more and more unwilling to let go...

So, in the last episode, the two still haven't officially joined forces, but now, Gus has clearly offered an olive branch, Mike, will you accept it?

Obviously, Gus is a criminal through and through , and unlike those petty pranksters, this is a person who can do big things. Once on the pirate ship, there is no turning back .

As a retired police officer, Mike will definitely resist becoming a professional criminal , but thinking about his previous experience...

His daughter-in-law, Stacey, asked him to go home for dinner, watch TV with his little granddaughter in his arms, a big house, good furniture, and good living conditions... Mike has enjoyed the happiness of his family here, which is the only thing left in his current life. Gentleness - but it takes a lot of money to keep it all going, and there's no way to be a toll collector or a repairman anyway, and what kind of earning business needs a retired bad old man ?

There are only drug lords who appreciate their abilities. Moreover, Gus's restrained and steady temper is very suitable for Mike's appetite. Therefore, this time Mike did not refuse , but he did not agree.

However, ambiguity means that sooner or later it will be agreed . In the future, it will be all-powerful in the future, and it will finally be a combination of swords and swords .

Before leaving, Gus had regarded Mike as his own, and he said the real reason for not killing Hector: " It's too kind to him to die ."

It's the same sentence: Gus wants to take away all the things Hector cherishes, career, status, favor, family... Slowly he will cut holes in him and bleed, and when he has nothing, Looking into his eyes again, looking at the pain of his life is worse than death, he showed a smile of revenge .

Jimmy vs Chuck

Before returning to the other main line, I would like to say a few words about some of the different opinions in the last episode: Chuck was not persuaded by Jimmy's "old orphan" words to show that he wanted to let him go. In fact, Jimmy's license was revoked. It's Chuck's real purpose. He won't really let Jimmy go to jail. In the eyes of others, he will be inhumane. Chuck is extraordinarily protective of his image. He pretends to think of his brother and does not let him continue to be a lawyer , to achieve the goal and get a good reputation, if Jimmy is still making trouble, that is, he doesn't know what is good or bad. Chuck is so vicious when he combines reality and reality, how can he feel compassion?

Jimmy and Kim's strategy has already begun. First, they found the master who repaired Chuck's door in a stupid way, canceled the appointment, and went to the top by themselves.

Jin was obviously still not used to this method of transferring flowers and connecting trees, and he couldn't help worrying about whether there would be any mistakes, while Jimmy was very confident in the "master of the masters" he invited.

Because this master is Mike!

Mike disguised as a repairman and went to work at Chuck's house for a period of "smiley fruit". Chuck was a good thing, and he was helpless to the elderly and experienced workers in front of him . In the end, he had to leave the scene and let Mike work at will.

Taking this opportunity, Mike used his unique photography skills to photograph various furnishings and arrangements of Chuck's house .

Jimmy's whole plan needs to be linked together. He asked Mike to take a candid photo. I'm afraid it's not as simple as finding out the terrain and then stealing the real tape. The real effect of the photos is to prove that there is a problem with Chuck himself -it is in the 21st century, but there is no electricity or lights in the residence, there is no advanced communication equipment or household appliances, relying on kerosene lamps for lighting, using traditional methods Communication is like living two hundred years ago .

In such a place, the presence of the tape recorder itself is doubtful .

This evidence collection is very important. After all, Jimmy once took care of Chuck, and it is normal to go in and out of his house (but the photos with the date in the newspaper are inconvenient to use). In addition to being satisfied, Jimmy also greatly praised Mike...

When I came to the transfer scene before the lawsuit, everything seemed to be normal, but it was not so right. In fact, watching Ms. Hai and Chuck Howard simply exchanged their feelings , I understood that this fair ruling will be somewhat more or less. Preferentiality - This has nothing to do with interests, it is simply a difference of class. Both Hai and Chuck belong to the legal elite with great wealth and business. Compared with the younger generation + self-employed like Jin and Jimmy, the distance naturally exists .

The two sides have been going back and forth on the point of damage to personal belongings. They struggled for a while, and finally changed it to " destroy private property ". Obviously, both sides wanted to make a fuss with the tape .

It seemed to pass peacefully. At the end, Jimmy was asked to formally apologize to Chuck, but the brothers didn't do it. What kind of apology? But because of the reality, Jimmy could only bite the bullet, but looking at his tone and expression, others didn't know, and their brothers definitely knew that this was the opposite .

Chuck looked like he didn't care, as if he had gone through a cutscene.

When it came time to pay compensation, Chuck was very fussy about the amount less than $2 . This meticulousness once again showed that he really did not want to repair the broken brother relationship. Besides, from a legal point of view, his request was completely reasonable. .

However, this is also what Jimmy and Kim want, all compensation, paid in one go .

Afterwards, Jimmy pretended to be emotional and quickly left the scene, leaving Jin to show off with the two seniors . Howard wanted to hide his shame a little bit, but Chuck was brave enough to admit that he hid the original tape, and Jimmy destroyed only copy .

At the same time, Chuck also said that if it goes on like this, the tapes will definitely be released , and then Jimmy will be out of luck.

It's not too much to describe Chuck as wily . He has all the advantages of the old seniors in this line (except for being impersonal) , and the juniors are also handy when it comes to setting up the game. He is not afraid to tell the truth that the tape is still there, because he is accurate Jimmy and they have nothing to do .

Take a look at the expressions of Chuck and Howard at the end of the out-of-court settlement (although Howard is a little cute), it is a complacent and sure victory .

It's time for a change of dynasty, old men .

When Kim couldn't help laughing and said "bingo" to Jimmy, we knew it was in their hands.

As for what the plan is, there are too many versions. I also read some friends' ideas and got a lot of inspiration : the possibility of directly stealing the original tapes exists, because Chuck said the tapes were destroyed, and Kim might be recording. ; Of course, it is more of stealing . The note given by Mike may be the location of the audio tape, and it may be the contact information of the private detective. If he can change his rhetoric, the situation at the entire crime scene may be reversed; or it may be completely denied , After all, the tapes can’t be used as evidence, and Jimmy has the ability to insist on ignoring the tapes; of course, if Jimmy can prove that Chuck suffers from serious mental illness and delusions, then he can take the content of the recording as comfort to Chuck, and conversely To ruin Chuck's career ... (additions welcome)...

There are talented people in the country, and they have been leading the way for decades . Anyway, the brothers have nothing to do. Since they want to play tricks, they will accompany you to the end .

Watching Jimmy and Jin leave with confidence, I really want to sigh. The giant wheel of the times has run over again without knowing it. The fastest forgotten is the glory of the past. Only a new generation beats the old .


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