This show has a deep impact on me

Vincent 2022-10-23 08:06:47

When I was still studying for a master's degree at school, as an indigenous person, I always looked down on students who were admitted to schools outside our school for postgraduate entrance examinations. Not only me, but basically all the natives of top colleges and universities have this idea. "I worked hard to follow the single-plank bridge of the college entrance examination with thousands of troops and horses, and I got here. With an exam that is as good as the postgraduate entrance examination, you are also worthy of being on an equal footing with me?" After working for a few years, become a group leader. When recruiting and selecting resumes, I only look at experience, not schools, and if the experience is interesting, I will pull over to chat, and sometimes there will be real surprises. When HR has opinions, I will discuss BCS with them, recommend watching them, and chat about Chuck and Jimmy. One day, HR sent a stack of resumes to a well-loved expert in the department. The expert flipped through it casually, and said casually, "If you pick out the resumes of Qingbei's resumption, you won't need other garbage that crooked melons and cracked dates." The short figure stood there, and what I saw was another barrister with thinning hair and a full face. There is no need to morally criticize Chuck, everyone is a Chuck. You're not Chuck, just because you're not in Chuck's situation.

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  • Kim Wexler: Are you mad?

    Jimmy McGill: I'm not mad-I'm just thinking about things. For 10 minutes today Chuck didn't hate me. I forgot what that felt like.