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Raul 2022-09-18 22:01:50

In 2013, the horror movie "House at the End of Time | La casa del fin de los tiempos"

was indeed the first time I saw a Venezuelan movie, and I have to say that it is indeed better than many domestic horror movies. At least this movie is more attentive, but Maybe it's a cultural difference, but I just think it's still very inelegant and scrutinized. Therefore, the element of mystification is too high.

Let’s complain directly:
1. The rhythm is really slow, especially in the first half, the feature film starts at 25 minutes. . Drag later.
2. The bigger the house is, the worse it is.
3. This point is that the plot setting is not good. When I saw the veteran at the door, combined with the name of the movie, my first reaction was her. . So I feel like this movie is LOW.
4. It’s still a very old slot. Why didn’t such a house be demolished, with so many people missing, how long can it be kept? (Government conspiracy)
5. The priest's clothes are so handsome!
6. He abused the dog at such a young age. . Really show love to die fast.

To sum up, it is a story of pitting yourself, under the guise of maternal love. Bringing other people's children and leaving evidence, if the husband is going crazy, he even goes up to slap people's ears. The old son walked around with a knife in his own house to scare your mother. . If you think about it carefully, it's all just the so-called plot needs and it's just a mystery.

--I am the dividing line of boredom---

Recommendation index: ★★ (4/10 points), maybe I have watched too many messy movies.

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