The intersection of timelines

Nikita 2022-09-18 23:00:22

The time at 11:00 on November 11, 2011 is the intersection of the four time axes. The four time axes are: 1. The adopted son (for the father) will travel back after 80 years and tell the old mother the truth, that is, if he does not put himself Taken from childhood will suffer from incurable disease, while telling the mother that the missing persons before this house is also the result of crossing. 2. The old mother obeyed the words of her future son and rescued and took away her childhood son in the shock of his father killing his adopted son, and finally handed it over to his childhood friend, Father Mario, to raise him as an adult. 3. The sudden change that the husband pre-harmed the adopted son because of the loss of his parents was finally counter-killed by the future mother. 4. A series of bizarre events that occurred after a parent quarrel one night thirty years ago. Timeline 2 crosses the other three timelines, leaving a note in axis 4 and saving the child in axis 3. Timeline 3 crosses axis 4. In axis 4, the guilty brother gave his mother's guardian bead to the younger brother who was accidentally injured and killed by himself. In fact, jealousy between brothers or liking a girl at the same time is the trigger for the tragedy of manslaughter, extension One point is that parents lack observation and guidance. The whole movie is to show off the horror shooting skills, so that I can't bear to come out and startle me in the warm period, interrupting the emotions and not talking, and also reducing the appeal of the film.

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