"Coquettish Lawyer" S3E1: Lu Yao knows horsepower, and time will see people's hearts

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The third season of "Coquettish Lawyer" returns, the story of the first episode is seamlessly connected with the end of the previous season, and along these lines, the subsequent stories are told naturally and smoothly (for the first and second seasons of lawyers, you can see me post on Sunday). The most eye-catching theme of the first episode is that Jimmy and others slowly become what they really are. Jimmy's smoothness and rogue, Chuck's strength and insidiousness, Jin's concentration and entanglement are not so much "natures can't be changed" , it would be more appropriate to say "seeing people's hearts over time" .

The Silence of Saul Goodman

In fact, the biggest surprise for me in this episode is the black-and-white story at the beginning, which happens at the beginning of every season of lawyers, which is the retirement career of the incognito Saul Goodman .

Before the ending of "Breaking Bad", for his own safety, Sol chose to change his identity to live a low-key life in a foreign country, and really went to an ice cream shop as an inconspicuous little employee named Gene .

In the first season, Gene lived a life of work and seclusion that was boring and always frightened . The only fun was to watch his own explosive advertisements in the dead of night; in the second season, Gene was accidentally locked in the garbage transfer. There was only a side door that said "The police will be notified" to help him out. Gene hesitated, and in order not to attract attention , he chose to wait all night, leaving only "Saul Goode" on the wall. Man to visit here".

In the third season, Gene saw a young man who was petty theft being caught by the police, and before leaving, he was uncharacteristically, yelling "Find a lawyer!"

In this young man, Gene saw the shadow of Jimmy back in the day. Although he made mistakes, he has an infinite possible future. It is too boring to be convicted hastily. As long as there is a reliable lawyer, everything can be avoided...

The low-key Goodman should have said nothing after showing the police the way, but he shouted it out, which shows that this kind of aggrieved life is really unbearable .

After that, Jean, who once lived out his "self", suddenly fainted, probably because of a relationship that broke out after being suppressed for too long... In short, he couldn't keep a low profile anymore . Lao Bai's life trajectory has come to an end at the end of the poison master, but Goodman has not yet, I am looking forward to his final ending - but, looking at this, I am afraid that there is only such a paragraph in a season, it is absolutely amazing ...

Brothers who can never find love

After the play began, it was the two brothers who had their own secrets: Chuck secretly hid the tape recorder that secretly recorded Jimmy's confession, and Jimmy told Howard that it was all right here, and Chuck returned to normal.

When he got back to the house, Chuck ripped the tin foil as if nothing had happened, and Jimmy, who was speechless, also stepped forward to help - but he was too aggressive, and Chuck couldn't stand it, so he insisted on giving him a demonstration.

From this moment on, the two talents looked like brothers: the younger brother was rough and impatient, the older brother was patient, calm, meticulous and considerate, the older brother set a correct example, and the younger brother learned to do it .

Brother and brother Gong , the relationship between the two should be so beautiful.

When Jimmy accidentally finds a book he read as a child, he is caught in a chaotic and warm memory, and Chuck helps him recall "I read it to you" by the way.

When they were young, apart from their parents, only brother Chuck was the closest relative to Jimmy. In just a few seconds, the two brothers relived their common memory. At that time, there was no jealousy and hatred, and no intrigue, only relatives. happy time in between .

It's hard to keep this gate open. Jimmy is like that. Just when he started to talk about more childhood topics, Chuck poured a bucket of cold water down: " Jimmy, don't think I'll forget that I'm here today. You will pay for what happens ."

All the warm atmosphere here is gone.

Going back to the old question, in fact, there were similar scenes in the first two seasons. In the end, it 's not that Chuck doesn't want to care about his brother and get close to his brother, but his definition of Jimmy is negative and negative. Once he produces more When he's in a positive mood for Jimmy, he'll immediately pull the brakes and put on the look of rejecting you thousands of miles away, making this love too mean and too harsh .

After Jimmy went back, he was lost for a while: "For a while today, Chuck didn't hate me, I forgot what it was like ." Obviously, Jimmy worshipped and chased his brother as an idol and role model , not only because of him He used to be a close brother , and because he was a successful person who earned both fame and fortune , even if they are now deadlocked, as long as Chuck shows the idea of ​​getting back together, I am afraid that Jimmy will immediately run up to hug ... After all, this Love is too extravagant for him .

Jimmy who keeps going astray

How Jimmy, who has awakened his self-consciousness, gradually became a sassy lawyer Goodman is the biggest attraction of the show. The hammer in this episode has finally begun to come down.

In the last season, Jimmy faked a combat hero to enter the air force base in order to film the old man showing the American spirit in front of the plane, and the deceived air force captain also made an exception and warmly entertained them... Now he has discovered the truth, and immediately came to ask for the guilt . : "I escorted you and your client into the base, and I treated you with enthusiasm and respect, only to find out that what you spit out of your mouth is all lies ."

"...you got into government by fraud...I can't just let you go. You have to take that TV commercial down, play it again and I'll tell the military attorney we'll arrest you, trespassing, false statements , pretending to be a war hero, all these charges!"

In the face of the angry captain, let's see how Jimmy responded: drink a drink ( please ), this is just an artistic fiction ( stealing the concept ), I don't understand your process, I sincerely apologize for the misunderstanding ( pretend ignorance, put it down) stance ), no damage and no one hurt? What does it matter? The base is not there ( emphasis on harmlessness ). Don't like ads? Most of the audience likes it, they are very patriotic, and there are many recruits ( change the topic )...

All the rhetoric was useless, the captain was still persistent, and Jimmy, who was cornered, finally showed his fangs: try it if you can .

I will explain to him that you brought us into the base and gave us star treatment, I didn't lie to you, I have eyewitnesses to testify to me... Do you think the government will sue an old man in a wheelchair? ...he will definitely be in a wheelchair when he comes to court. "

If you can't be soft, then come hard. Jimmy began to use his "professional means" to intimidate the captain , telling him " I will fight tit for tat, if you really want to sue me, you will never end up! "

The other party was obviously completely irritated by Jimmy's brazenness and brazenness . Under the quarrel, Jimmy shouted out what he said in his heart: " I'm always so sanctimonious, I always want me to feel... "

What do you think about yourself? The words stopped here.

Jimmy has obviously brought more personal emotions into it, and as far as the matter is concerned, the conflict is essentially his fault, and the captain's aggressiveness is reasonable - but for this reason, Jimmy has escalated the dispute to red tape and rigid rules and oppression. The height of the powerless little man .

Aware of the gaffe, Jimmy quickly calmed down and proposed a solution that could both step down: I won't broadcast the clip with the plane, and you don't sue me, okay? At this moment, Jimmy does not tell right or wrong, right or wrong, and only seeks the most beneficial and proper solution. good or bad? Well, only the result is the most important !

In desperation, the captain also understood that this was a relatively acceptable method. However, acquiescence does not mean that he is convinced. He said something profound and cruel: " People like you think that you are very smart, you don't need to talk about morality with others, you will always be exposed, and there will be results ."

Jimmy's response was not to answer, his eyes did not look, he was guilty but he gritted his teeth and did not shrink back. He just opened the door to see guests . Now, Jimmy is no longer shy, and he has shown with practical actions: I am a villain who will do whatever it takes, as long as It's fine as long as you can't bring me down, no matter what you think or think, bite me if you have the ability !

There is a glimpse of the demeanor of the unscrupulous lawsuit stick Saul Goodman.

Stubborn and bad-tempered Chuck

In the previous brother relationship, Chuck played a disgraceful role, and when he became independent and suffocated his younger brother, he also fully demonstrated what a " sven scum " is.

Although Chuck got the tape of Jimmy's confession, as Howard said, "a secret tape and a chain of questionable evidence that you can't get to court." Chuck agreed.

So what's the point of you doing this since the straps are useless ?

In the eyes of Howard, who is fairly upright, what Chuck did seems to be useless, but for Chuck, there is a plan to hide Jimmy ... Anyway, I can't think of any tricks, I can only say, check This man is too scheming, too capable of holding back the water.

Ernesto bought it to replace the battery, but accidentally heard the recording. Chuck's first reaction was to scream hysterically as if the conspiracy had been uncovered , which scared the boy a lot.

"...You can't, absolutely can't tell anyone, otherwise there will be very serious consequences that can affect the rest of your life. We don't want you to get into trouble either. If you are implicated because of this, I will Very uncomfortable."

Chuck calmed down immediately after a momentary gaffe. He wanted Ernesto to keep a secret. His method was to use his own power to overwhelm others , use the rules of the law firm and the professionalism of lawyers to restrain the other party, and then leave no trace. threat . _ If Ernesto keeps his promises, it is also out of a little self-consciousness, and more panic and submission .

What if the same situation was replaced by Jimmy? It should be close, and then tempt it with affection, and it is not surprising that bribes are bought .

Remember that scene where Chuck fainted in the print shop at the end of last season? Ernesto tricked Chuck into telling him that Jimmy was the one who called him —the most intriguing point: Chuck is awe-inspiring, but his aloof temperament lacks the desire to be approachable; Traits that attract others, especially the ordinary general public .

Gold struggling with shame

Jin, in this drama, is more and more like Jimmy from another dimension. She enjoys the convenience brought by illegal and foul, but suffers from the condemnation of conscience. This complex ambivalence makes her drama not at all. Lose Jimmy.

When Jimmy came back, King asked him, "How is Chuck?" The other person replied, "The crisis is over... If you go into more detail, it may involve the thing you said you never wanted to discuss."

So Jin immediately didn't want to listen, got up and avoided the topic. This kind of words and deeds that hide one's ears and steal the bell seem a bit ridiculous. Even if you already know the truth, it seems that as long as you don't listen, you can escape the fact that you are an accomplice. There are many things like this around us.

King's way of coping with this mixed emotion was to help Jimmy deal with the assignments that were supposed to be his .

In the Mesa Verde banking business, Jimmy's dirty tricks really helped Jin a lot. She knew that she had been favored, but this kind of "repayment of gratitude" was not on the table, so she could only do as much as she could. Do some chatting to masturbate .

Because the opportunity is not easy to come by, it is even more important to cherish it and work hard. Jin worked at full speed and completed the bank's work entrustment ahead of schedule and in excess , which made Paige full of praise...

While praising him, he sneered at HHM and Chuck: He also said that I made a mess, and he even got the address wrong. It's unreasonable. It's all up to you. Thank you for helping to clean up his mess .

Guilt? Must be guilty . Jin is not Jimmy. If she is not on pins and needles at this time, it means that she has completely lost the least sense of shame . But the truth is absolutely impossible to tell, and now I lose my conscience, but at least I can keep my business without being discovered. After an honest person has lied, the only way to make amends without admitting his mistake is to redouble his efforts .

It's another form of self-deception , as if examining a document that has been read countless times can relieve one's sense of guilt .

As a codeword worker, it is all too familiar to watch the scene of Jin repeatedly modifying a punctuation mark. You can understand it as being critical of details, but this is essentially a manifestation of excessive inner anxiety and restlessness .

If you have the courage to make mistakes, but don't have the courage to admit it, you can only force yourself to do some optional things to ease your anxiety ...

Jin's entanglement indicates that she will continue to walk in the gray area, and then continue to sink. Unlike Jimmy's rogue magnanimity, if she can't handle it properly, this karmic fire may burn her to the ground in the future .

rock solid mic

In this play, watching Jimmy and watching Mike are two completely different experiences. The former is precarious and unpredictable , while the latter is as indestructible as an old monk .

In this episode, Mike's scenes have few lines, but they are very ornamental, calm and capable . According to the art of war, at least it includes " he is as quiet as a forest, and as motionless as a mountain ".

[Another thing to say, from the poisoner to the lawyer, the light and shadow of the play and the language of the lens are so good, there is even a kind of coquettish feeling, just grab a picture and it is a picture of the level of a photographic work. 】

Mike was blown away when he learned that he was being followed, and quickly drove away from the scene, and soon realized that a tracker must have been placed on the car.

But even with the professionalism of the police, a preliminary investigation found nothing.

Mike is not reconciled, let alone believe in evil, even if he disassembles the car into eight pieces, he will find the tracker.

However, the car was really demolished, or in vain.

With a jolt, he realized that something was wrong with the fuel tank cap —Bingo, he guessed it right. In the same way, it is also in the car that I usually drive .

Mike didn't throw away the tracker, because it would only startle the snake and tell the person watching him that he found it. He transcribes the tracker's information for later use.

In the dead of night, and there was no ghost in the court parking lot, Mike removed the fuel tank cap and put it in its place, drove to the veterinarian, and bought the same tracker through him .

Within a few days, the tracker arrived. After studying it thoroughly, Mike started.

First , steal the beam and replace the column , put your own tracker on the fuel tank cap, and put it back in the car; then take out the original version and discharge the battery;

When the electricity is finished, throw away this thing that can control your whereabouts;

Then sit by the window, eat and wait;

Time passed minute by minute, and the person who changed the tracker finally came.

Mike quietly watched the other party replace the fuel tank cap, and then the other party's trace appeared in his hand .

It's almost time, remove the other party's newly installed fuel tank cap, start the car, and follow.

Mike's ability and shrewdness, calmness is somewhat chilling, but more is admiration and admiration .

Ignore how much grievances the Salamanga family has with me. My every move is completely controlled by others. This is absolutely not allowed to happen. Mike must have a good meeting with the mysterious person hiding behind the scenes to see where he goes. Immortals, dare to play tricks on their own heads .


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