Old Mike, a Swiss Army Knife that never rusts.

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There is an old saying that goes: small hidden in the wild, big hidden in the city. Therefore, Mike is hidden in the parking lot, Gas is hidden in the fried chicken shop, and a man is hidden in the veterinary clinic. If you want to ask: Are there really hidden masters in the world? The answer is definitely yes. Just talking about Lao Mai, he is like the old monk who burned wood in the Shaolin Temple's room. He has never been the protagonist of the temple, and he rarely walks around the Mahavira Hall, but he can always bring you unexpected joy from time to time. Every time I see it, I meditate in my heart: WOW~~~Jesus hides a sharp knife under his ordinary appearance. To be precise, it is a fully functional Swiss Army Knife that will never rust. Below, I will roughly sort out Lao Mai's life with the saber, and speak from the pictures: Figure 1, the first time I met Lao Mai, in a parking lot shared by the public, prosecutors, and law in a third-tier city in Albuquerque. At that time, the comrade was at the guard booth, rubbing his lips with Jimmy, a miscellaneous lawyer, just for 3 dollars... This scene always reminds people of an old man who is watching the door in a certain unit: stubborn, rigid, principled, inhumane... What makes people unhappy is that he always looks at you with a pair of indifferent eyes like a dead fish, making you feel uneasy and hairy, but helpless. At this time, Lao Mai is just a retired policeman, a poor old man who earns another meager salary in addition to his meager pension.

In Figure 2, the story unfolds, telling the reason why Mike moved to New Mexico: the night in the bar pretending to be drunk, designed to kill the two policemen who killed his son. Tactic name: lure the enemy deep. At this time, Lao Mai's psychological characteristics began to appear: intuition, forbearance, scheming, calm... Lao Mai used to work in that blackened police station. At that time, whether he was active or passive, he was involved in corruption. This kind of thing, Lao Mai, is like the frontier defense and public security during the period of Altay's golden anti-smuggling period. As long as they are involved, it is difficult to find a few clean people! But who cares? no one. Even if someone traces it, it will eventually come to nothing. Later, for the safety of his son, Lao Mai forced him to collect black money. But he didn't save his son's life. It made him feel guilty and miserable. In fact, the death of the son is inevitable. Judging from his son's long-term and consistent performance, whether he receives money or not, he will not be trusted. We know that in some cases of government corruption, they are all cases, one by one, why? In the case that everyone is black, you are either out, or you are in trouble, which one do you choose? Moreover, being out does not only mean resignation, leaving, but also life. Strangers often say: You know too much... Therefore, this multiple-choice question is not difficult for most people. It's just that Lao Mai didn't expect his son's ending...

Figure 3: Returning Jimmy's favor and helping him steal 1.6 million of the stolen money from civil servants. It can be seen from this that Lao Mai has integrated some of the professional skills of the police, spies and thieves, and has begun to show the function of the Swiss Army Knife. Here, there is a very intriguing and itching question: ordinary people can completely hack this stolen money, and the owner cannot report the crime. Mai really needs money (I need it too, hehe). But why not black? This shows that Lao Mai is a principled person, a person who keeps promises, a pure person, a moral person, a person who is out of vulgar taste... Many words are omitted here).

Figure 4: Crocodile's soft heart: After revealing the truth to his daughter-in-law, he basically unloaded his heavy burden. After all, it's hard to get over the water, and life has to go on. This warm scene of family happiness may be the motivation and meaning of his life. At the same time, it also strengthened Lao Mai's determination to protect his granddaughter and daughter-in-law and let them live a good life. However, how can the mother and daughter live a good life without worry about food and clothing? First of all, it is definitely not acceptable to go to the square dance every day; secondly, it is not acceptable to punch in to work; thirdly, financial management, no money. Is it possible for a 70-year-old retired man to earn a lot of money in a normal industry? is it possible? ……How to do? As a result, a mysterious veterinarian (referred to as the beast) appeared in a simple manner...

Figure 5. The first job introduced by the veterinarian: Zhongnanhai bodyguard. Lao Mai, this short, old man, is sandwiched between two burly men, and has no advantage at all. But the facts show: pretending to be struck by lightning. Just like a bottle opener, the camouflage pants were knocked to the ground by this unremarkable old man with just one surprise attack. And that strong dinosaur-like man just ran away...hahaha. Here, not only the experience of Lao Mai Yueren is reflected, but also his fighting skills——Who the hell said: Lian Po is old? This once again confirms a truth: don't judge people by their appearance. It's like that Mr. Ma, who has an odd skeleton, a face like a lemur, and a frail face, who has been despised for many years, and later became the richest man in the heaven... SO, it's wrong to judge a person by appearance. After the proof is complete, please rate it.

Figure 6, yellow shoes, yellow Hummer. Employers show up. Although Lao Mai doesn't speculate in stocks, he also knows that this guy is a fool who jumps out of the sky! "Low-key, prudent, and secretive are the primary codes of conduct in the drug trafficking industry. No practitioner should be ostentatious or show off..." From Chapter 2 of the Complete Handbook of the Underworld. Author: Gais. The immature, angry bald man clearly violated this sacred rule. If he had read Gasth's writings, it might have been better, maybe... Although Lao Mai was very mad, as a principled person, he didn't want to hurt him... Later, before he involved himself, Lao Mai Incarnate as a political commissar and instructor, he has successfully educated this little friend.

Figure 7. As a talent market executive, veterinarians have a wealth of information channels that enable them to facilitate transactions and obtain commissions. But judging from the choice of bodyguards, his actions still seem crude. However, being able to mix in such a dangerous and unpredictable industry shows that he is a person with a story. Moreover, he is the guide of Lao Mai, so please forgive him once...

Figure 8, Lao Mai has another plan: the bitter meat plan. Reason: In order to let the mother and daughter live a good life and earn money; help Nacho get the gallery, 50,000. The final plan is not to kill, but to go to jail. So there is this scene in front of the fast food restaurant: bitter meat, plus double spring. If it is not carefully planned and the police show up in time, I am afraid that 50,000 yuan will not be enough to pay for medical expenses. It's not easy to make money! This episode proves that Lao Mai has a super strong fighting ability. If I was 70 years old and was beaten so violently by Gallery, I would probably die. Man, it's really important to have a sturdy stainless steel body...

Figure 9, white paper under the foot mat at the door, footprints. You can see the whole picture at a glance, and the impression of Lao Mai's behavior can be piled up in idioms: be prepared, take precautions, be comprehensive, thoughtful, organized, and meticulous... It's a perfectionist's model and benchmark! In the face of such an old German Virgo police officer, the ending of those little gangsters can be imagined.

Figure 10, single-handedly going to the meeting. No knife. In front of a bunch of real scum and scum, he showed courage and courage beyond ordinary people. In addition, it is also the key point: he is considered a big gangster, and Comrade Ding Ding will not do anything to him. Hey, don't these two sentences look familiar?

Figure 11, Old Macao's number designation is not good, but when it comes to hands-on ability, when Old Mac comes out, who will compete? Old comrades often solve some life problems by themselves, and are notorious for not asking for help. No, I started to make tire breakers and interception cables again to prepare for the next robbery. Speaking of hands-on ability, I saw a documentary "Deep Sea Challenge" some time ago. It was about director Cameron's own pockets, pulling up a team to build the Challenger submersible, which had nothing to do with the country, and was purely a personal act. Cameron, everyone knows, but few people know, he is also a member of the National Geographic Society, an explorer. With the help of the team, this fellow dived to the deepest part of the ocean by himself, and he succeeded! Looking back, and thinking about the Jiaolong, which we gathered from the government and praised from time to time by a certain channel, it is really not easy to feel proud. As far as the general situation is concerned, the Yankees are indeed more capable than us, and we still need to work hard!

Figure 12, "In the state of simple robbery, there is no need to kill if it is not necessary." Excerpted from "Virgo Crime Guidance Book"

Figure 13, chainsaw, tires, more than 200,000 in cash. A lot of investigation and preparation work in the early stage finally paid off handsomely. Happy revenge!

Figure 14. Little pride after the successful robbery: Invite all the men in the bar to have a drink, hehe. This is Laomai's only performance of burning buns, but under the premise of safety, it is not forgetful.

Figure 15. Due to Lao Mai's robbery, an innocent citizen was killed by Ding Ding. This feels about the same as for the two policemen. Lao Mai believes that everything is caused by himself, and it is his duty to deal with the counter-revolutionary violence with revolutionary violence: kill Ding Ding. Old Mai fought the Korean War. For a person who pursues perfection in everything, I have no doubts about his marksmanship and individual combat capability, which is completely reasonable. However, as shrewd as he is, he doesn't know that there is an upgraded version of black old wheat behind him - Gas. The point is, this 2.0 version of Hei Lao Mai didn't want Ding Ding to die so happily. In Ghaith's mind, Dingding may have N many ways to die, such as: Ling Chi, car cracking, peeling real grass... No matter which way of death, Ghaith's ultimate goal is to make Dingding suffer to the full. Torture of the Great Torture, and then to die. But the whole story, Lao Mai did not know. At this time, in the face of the power that was secretly manipulated and a more powerful existence, he could not help being nervous, doubtful, and chilling. In the end, the incident ended in an attempted rape.

Figure 16, Mike: The first-phase student of the auto repair major of Lanxiang Technical School, the skill certification level: A-level. This student has excellent grades, and this certificate is specially issued... [Official seal of Lanxiang Technical School, omitted] In order to find the oriole behind him, Lao Mai dismantled it from dusk to sunset until the car was scattered, and finally found it in the communication with the examiner. Here's the problem... In other words, Lan Xiang is really not for nothing, this skilled technology can not only repair cars, but also dismantle them.

Figure 17, Live until old and learn old, Lao Mai adds new skills. After studying the radio frequency signal meter provided by the beast, Lao Mai immediately entered a game of tracking, anti-tracking, and anti-anti-tracking... He was eager to know: Who is the oriole?

Figure 18, Suburban, Western Highway. There was a wind blowing, and a few grains of dust fell on the vicissitudes of the cheek, and no one brushed it... On the double solid line, the two stood still. The gun, under the hem; the hand, outside the pocket. Four hands, dry, and stable. No one moved, they all stared at each other silently. The world is vast, the wilderness is silent. Silence, suffocating silence, even the air seemed to stop flowing... This was the first time Mike had seen Gas, and it was the first time Gas had seen Mike head-on. Perhaps, you can call this sympathy, or you can call it a bond of friendship. In short, it was from here that they completed the perfect match between guns and bullets. From then on, they traversed the rivers and lakes for dozens of months until one day, the death-defying scholar appeared... Years later, Lao Mai covered his wounds and still remembered this beautiful picture. ... Before dying, he smiled faintly, and then said a sentence to the life-threatening scholar with difficulty: fuck you! According to historical records, the life-threatening scholar, surnamed Bai, whose place of origin is unknown.

Figure 19. Repeated investigation and research of the route to determine the feasibility of the plan. After many throws, Lao Mai hung a pair of beautiful pull-back shoes on the steel cable where the vehicle must pass. With just one shot, the white substance falling from the shoe ruined Ding Ding's business line. Some doubts have been expressed here, and in my opinion, everything is logical. For a detail control like Lao Mai, what is the most certain thing? The location where the drug dealers parked their guns every time, the angle and speed of the vehicles, the weather conditions, including the empty guns that made them relax their vigilance, etc., have all been deduced on the sand table of Lao Mai's brain. It should be said that screenwriters have their own way of portraying characters. I have met people like Lao Mai in my life, but they are not white, hehe. The only problem is, what if the shoes are thrown in the wrong place? It is estimated that Lao Mai has to buy two pairs to re-sell.

Figure 20. With so much skill, Lao Mai continues to hang up: To help Jimmy take evidence, he is both a decorator and a photographer.

Figure 21. It is late at night, people are quiet, and the lights are dim. The second meeting between Lao Mai and Gass, the two had an in-depth, frank and friendly consultation on whether to join the Fried Chicken Gang. During the period, he also talked about important values ​​such as ideals, life, eight honors and eight shames...

Figure 22. A model of self-taught talent, showing the latest skills: masons, master workers, and old workers in the construction industry. Allegedly, Lan Xiang did not have this course. So, did Mike, like Jimmy, participate in correspondence education?

Figure 23, Lao Mai's principles and guilt prompted him to get the address from Nacho and take a metal detector to find innocent citizens killed by Ding Ding in the wasteland. I found it, and finally gave myself an explanation. From here, no, from poison master to lawyer, you can see what kind of person Lao Mai is. Perhaps, because he is such a person, this old Swiss army knife that never rusts was returned to the furnace by Lao Bai. In addition, in this picture, you can see the many sub-shots of Lao Mai, and he is very busy. Not only that, but throughout this play, a 70-year-old actor performs physical work regularly and for a long time. Those tired performances, without acting, are the real reactions of the actors' bodies. I said, director, you are really enough. But then again, that's called dedication, right? When the director calls "Action", you start acting; if the director does not call "Crack", you cannot stop. Do you think so, Yin Tianqiu?

Figure 24, I put on a handkerchief and called the police. Before leaving, I had to wipe the phone again. I was also drunk. Old Mai, you are not only a perfectionist, you also have obsessive-compulsive disorder, you know? In this way, the director is also a Virgo, and every detail is spared!

Figure 25. Both hands, no longer dry, are dripping with fine sweat, but they still haven't drawn their guns. Finally, Lao Mai and Guise held their hands tightly together. With this grip, we share weal and woe; with this grip, the wind is surging; with this grip, I suddenly think of a certain piece of Taoyuan...... No, there is a play, come back quickly. With this grip, he basically took the lives of Ding Ding and the big boss, and the overall situation was settled. The good days of the Michoacan gang are coming to an end... At this time, the old saying begins to say: Therefore, when the heaven will entrust the people with great responsibility, they must first kill their good friends and good sons, and then they will suffer their will and work their muscles and bones... ...so they are tempted to endure, and once did what they could do... The woes are over, the tribulations are over, and a brilliant future seems to be just around the corner... However, they would never have imagined that a life-threatening scholar would be stabbed in the slash...

Figure 26, Figure 27, The life-threatening scholar, like a dazzling meteor, streaks across the horizon, splendid, dazzling, and fleeting. Its prosperity is also booming, and its death is also sudden, leaving only endless legends to the world. According to research: the life-threatening scholar, whose surname is Bai, has a single name and a military character, alias: Heisenberg. The data shows that Comrade Bai was born in an old Chinese medicine doctor, specializing in infertility and various dissatisfaction... I have to say that the birth of a life-threatening scholar has completely disrupted the existing pattern of the medical and pharmaceutical markets. He did not take the usual path, did not play cards according to the rules of the cards, was brave in exploration, good at innovation, and boldly adopted the combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine. In the end, he won his own share in the fierce market competition, resulting in one of three points in the city. situation. It was during this period that he made his peers, colleagues and superiors pay a heavy price. The price is life. Of course, Mak and Gas were not immune.

However, after watching the play, I can boldly analyze it from the height of God: they actually died at their own hands——Gais pursues the ultimate, cherishes talents, which gives Lao Bai a chance; Mai, slaughtered, soft-handed, and even bad luck... I often think: If Gass didn't kill ordinary people (even children), he didn't kill his loyal thugs, and he didn't pursue the extreme; if Lao Mai didn't hire third-rate lawyers, If you don't show mercy to Lao Bai, then they may become the Kun Sha & Zhang Suquan of the United States, and become a generation of drug lords who combine two swords... It's a pity that they died before their ambitions were fulfilled, and the people who ate melons were full of tears. Ah ah ah... Speaking of which, you may think that my three views are not right, and we will not defend it. I just think that these two supporting roles are so brilliant, they add a lot to this good drama, very good, very good. Speaking of a good drama, what counts as a good drama? How to make a good drama? For the former question, different people should have different standards; for the latter question, I secretly think: a good screenwriter, a good director, a good actor, a good trick, a good cameraman, a good prop, and a meeting of the wind and clouds can make a good drama. If it just depends on a few principles, a few representatives, a few self-confidence, a few correctness... God knows, when will a good drama be produced. Well, the Swiss Army Knife will write this first. Originally, I wanted to write about the fatal fried chicken, but I was tired, so I gave up. If you are interested, I will write later when I have time. Finally, as a foreign language scumbag, I sincerely thank the subtitle team. It is your silent contribution that allows me to have another intellectual and aesthetic choice besides braids, devils, sons, fools.... Thank you !

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