I haven't had chicken soup for a long time. I'm very moved.

Linnea 2022-09-18 18:18:40

I don't know why, it seems that the Internet has been working hard on marketing in recent years, and I have seen various means. The chicken soup for the soul article is not working anymore, and everyone doesn't drink it anymore, no longer believe it. People prefer to sink into the illusion of being entertained to death and looking good.

But I really feel that sometimes it is very tired and hard, and when faced with many difficulties, you will have the mentality of giving up, give up slowly, and give up your life.

As it says in it:

Sometimes you get hit, you fail, and if you don't get up, you fall deeper. In front of the mountain, I do not know how deep I fell. Maybe it's all I have to go through before I'm born again!

Never give up on life, when you lose everything, you can see your original intention and belief more. At this time, the power that faith and will bring to you is the real power.

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