it is good!

Allan 2022-10-23 12:00:27

My French is very poor, so I watched it with subtitles. It seems to be very bad English or German letters. I'm afraid I can't understand it well in many places. For example, Tanguy said, "The pubic hair also has its shadow", and the translation said, it is an old Chinese saying, (I guess there is no word for pubic hair in ancient Chinese sayings, I don't know what French is,
after reading it, I recommend it to many people. , when I showed it to my brother's girlfriend, she asked
me hostilely, "Why can't I live in my parents' house?!" Grandma, she always asks, "Does that Beijinger still live at home?"
And later, the fish-shaped fish pieces that Tanguy ate at dinner was also funny. In fact, I have never seen such tricks to trick children into eating in the supermarket. (I deliberately looked for it in the supermarket when I saw my cousin in France)

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