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A survival movie full of negative textbooks until the end credits; compared to the unlucky brother with wilderness knowledge who cuts off his arm stuck in a stone crevice with a dull utility knife. This person died on his own initiative throughout the whole process, and he was really blessed by God to survive + he was a professional ice hockey player, his physical fitness was better than ordinary people, and he usually lasted 3-4 days, he was 8 days;

Here's the spoiler: I locked myself out of the door for taking drugs, kicked the door with bare feet at low temperatures, and left a large open wound on my right foot (it may have been fractured, I don't deal with skipping skiing at all, snowstorms I still went to the unopened ski trails to find excitement, very good! I got lost~ I escaped the wolves on the first night, and the next day I fell into the lake for drug use (the snowy mountains are so flat and large, I don’t want to think about it, is it a lake? If you have hats and ski goggles, don’t you think about scouring medicine first? Fortunately, sealed bags can also be used to melt snow. Here we will praise the battery performance and waterproof function of Motorola’s flip phone and fm semiconductor. It is still used when it is fully soaked ( When I was brand new and fully charged, I took it out at the top of -12 degrees and it automatically shut down within 2 minutes. Recharging started from 0%... The Nokia N8 was soaked in water and put in the special drying box in the laboratory, and it didn't come back for a day. . .

Continue to complain: At night, when I see the lights of the Peak Tramway, I scream so hard, and it attracts the wolves to be scared to move; eats bark and causes vomiting (spit out the nutrients stored in the body together, the HP above 70 is directly red. Now, the wound on my right foot turned black when I lifted the socks for the first time, and it had to be sawed. It was so painful that I didn't need a splint. Then I ate the piece of meat that was torn off when I lifted the socks for the second time, and it was all gangrene. I ate it for nothing! But I didn't expect to lose my left foot.

Final outcome: I don't know if the rescuers brought the veneer back together. If not, when it is raised, we have to climb the snowy mountain again to pick it up and bring it home. In the event of a disaster, the snowboard becomes a universal tool, except The original uses can also be used as shovels, quilts and crutches, and the veneer has a share of the credit for surviving!

PS: The first half of this movie can be edited and played at the drug rehab center.

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