The movie is good, the reviews are disgusting

Tod 2022-11-12 19:32:34

The short comment is really a group of straight men with no culture. First of all, the father (even if it is not his own) has feelings for so many years, but he wants to kill the child. Hehe, it turns out that straight men cancer are all such values, not as good as pigs and dogs. In addition, the mother killed the man for self-defense and protection of the child. It was justifiable defense, at best, it was excessive defense, and should not have to pay the price of 30 years in prison. Also, mother's love has anything to do with who the father is? Can straight men with cancer stop being sentimental and feel that their father's role is very important? The mother loves her two children deeply, and she also tries to save R, but the house does not give her this chance.
If you say that as a wife she has not fulfilled her duty of fidelity, has she fulfilled her duty as a husband to make the family better? (Not to mention that the husband is not cheating, and the wife does housework at home and takes care of the children every day is not considered a contribution?) So the wife must fulfill all her obligations, and she must be virtuous and virtuous and not have the slightest complaint about the poor life?
The short film also said that they should move out earlier. Shouldn't this pot not be able to make money and be carried away by a husband who doesn't trust his wife? Have you ever seen The Shining? The financial pressure of moving out is huge. Do you think your wife can move out if she insists? Did you not see domestic violence scenes while watching a movie?
In addition, friends with such a positive outlook~ When facing a male star who cheated on you, you should also scold him the same way?

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