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The English name is deeper and more connotative than the Chinese translation.

China has won so many gold medals, but few of them have brought out their stories to inspire the Chinese. Just look at their glamorous side in advertising, but don't know how they get over it when they encounter difficulties.

Don't quit!
Because you are the Lemark family, we Lemark never back down!

Sometimes you get hit, you fail, and if you don't get up, you fall deeper. In front of the mountain, I do not know how deep I fell. Maybe it's all I have to go through before I'm born again!
sometimes you get can't get back up.and you fall further.before the mountain,I couldn't see how far I'd fallen.maybe that's what I had to go through…To finally live.

Sometimes a part of you has to pass away...even maybe a part of you the most...for you to understand what makes you feel whole, to see clearly what is more important than yourself. If you are in the dark, come out. You can accomplish the impossible because you have experienced those invisible forces. Take responsibility for yourself and be responsible. Even if you fail, when you see the light of dawn, you will understand that everything has its reasons. I thank my mother for supporting me, my wife for loving me, and I thank my children for inspiring me. And now, by the grace of God, I can thank you, hockey, and this mountain. Because these give me hope.
sometimes a part of yourself has to die.before you can realize what makes you whole and clearly see that it's larger than us.if you are in the dark,get through it by seeing the invisible so that you can do the responsible and accountable for yourself.just fail forward.when you see the light at the break of dawn.I thank my mother for being there for me,I thank my wife for loving me,I thank my kids for inspiring me.and now,by the grace of god, I can thank you, hockey, and the mountain for giving me my hope.

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  • Eric LeMarque: Hi Mom. It's me. I don't really know what it is I wanna say. But I don't think I have much time so. I just want you to know I'm OK with how this ends. And that I'm sorry. I'm sorry for everything. Turns out I'm a bit of a coward myself. It's funny that we only get to live life forward. It never makes any sense until we're looking back. I love you, Mom.

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