"Snow Mountain Miracle" When you escape from death, you can understand the meaning of life better

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The film is based on true events, and former Olympic ice hockey player Eric Lemarc lost his way while skiing in the Sierra Nevada and was trapped in the mountains for eight days before being rescued by a search and rescue team.

A former ice hockey player who had a car accident after taking drugs, ruined his career, and suffered both physical and psychological shadows. To regulate your mental state, head to the Sierra Nevada to ski and unleash yourself.

When he got up in the morning, Lemark was locked out while taking drugs outside the house. When he broke into the door, his leg was stabbed, which foreshadowed being trapped under the snow mountain in the future. Unfortunately, I missed the shuttle bus to the ski resort and caught the ride of Sarah, a search and rescue team member.

The sudden snow made the visibility very low. Lemark lost his way in the snowy mountains, the mobile phone had no signal, and the wound was serious.

Hungry and cold, he remembered his father training him to play ice hockey when he was a child, and his father told him to never back down.

Lemark continued to find his way, encountered a pack of wolves and buried himself in the snow. Recalling the quarrel between my parents when I was a child due to the disagreement of educational concepts, I slept peacefully until dawn.

He fell into the ice hole and climbed up again. He remembered the conflict with his teammates during training. He almost didn't come up because he went to pick up the drugs. Lemark dumped the drugs in the snow.

At night, when Lemark saw the lights in the distance, he was very happy to realize that it was his hallucination. After getting up again after another night, I fell into the snow because of physical exhaustion, recalling the first time my friend induced drug use.

The other mother called Lemark anxiously. On the fifth day, the wound became more and more serious, and she became more and more desperate, recalling the quarrel with her mother.

On the seventh day, the mother found Lemark's cabin at the ski resort and told the search and rescue team that Sarah's son should be trapped on the mountain.

Lemark saw the search-and-rescue helicopter but was unable to find it. The search-and-rescue team found a wireless signal the next day. The helicopter searched again, and Lemarc also climbed to the top of the mountain and was rescued.

Lemark lost his legs, became a great ice hockey coach and loved skiing.

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