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Marcella 2022-07-15 20:14:15

In the last part of the "Joseph Trilogy", Joseph returned to his childhood and returned to his father. When he was with his father, it was the happiest and happiest time for Joseph. His father was the only trust in this stuttering, introverted, melancholy, and sensitive boy, Dependent, adored. He gathers honey in the forest with his father, helps him with his work, which is his father's bread-and-butter work, but for Joseph it is the only time when he feels the only clarity and certainty in the hazy and chaotic world. On the contrary is the state of alienation between Joseph and his mother, which is more extreme in the previous "Milk". In the face of such a series of films about the retrospect of life, as well as a film with an extremely obvious personal style and brand, it must be wrapped in a large number of real life experiences and elements of the director.

The film begins in a forest. My father stops to watch the beehive above his head. When he climbs up the tree along the rope, the branch suddenly breaks and his life is hanging by a thread. The audience and father together hold their breath and dare not move. . It was a tragedy, but the abrupt picture saved the tears until the end. Joseph's eyes full of curiosity and grievance always attracted the attention of the audience. He was struggling to read the hadith in his father's dim room, and then his father took him into his arms and helped him put on his shoes. The extremely warm time followed the crisis. after the screen. In class, Joseph held out a finger to speak very cute, but when the teacher finally asked him to read the story, he found out that it was not the story he had prepared for a long time, which made him look confused... He and After his father entered the forest, his father fell on the ground with convulsions. This disease seems to have been passed on to Joseph, causing him to fall and foam at the mouth while riding a motorcycle in "Milk". The first half of the film shows a lot of the daily life of Joseph and his father. There are a lot of scenes in the forest, trees, flowers, insects, streams, and the natural and primitive atmosphere is presented in a long shot, exuding a strong poetry. In the second half of the film, when his father went to work alone in the forest, he disappeared. Joseph spent several difficult and silent days and nights with his mother in the absence of his father. When mother and son get along, Joseph seems to be the more closed side. Joseph's indifference and longing for his father can be seen in a lot of camera details. The grandmother took Joseph up and down, and Joseph listened to the verses recited by the believers who were sitting together. It was a solemn scene, a moment of holy light. But the next day, the mother took Joseph to find his father in the lively market, but failed. The father who was supposed to sell the honey at the market did not appear, but the branch that was broken in half at the beginning appeared. The completely broken picture and the fallen figure of the father... Joseph woke up, his mother cried, Joseph came to the forest alone, this is the father's office and the habitat of the soul, he leaned against the towering tree, closed his eyes, and listened The heartbeat of my father makes my childhood longer and longer.

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