i don't wanna say i'm lonely

Archibald 2022-07-15 23:53:25

Lonely children have many stories hidden in their hearts.

It's a love at first sight movie,
because there is no resistance to the eyes of children and the eyes that are always focused.
In a film known for its photography, every scene is a perfect composition,
like a flowing picture.

Watching the classmates read, I followed the silent back (this child has a super memory) The
child cautiously raised his hand to read to get a "little red flower",
but the teacher asked the
child to read the page without practice to tell his father about what he did last night The dream
child gently told his father about everything related to pollen and honey The
child saw that his father gave gifts to other children, and he was jealous , and
the child wanted to find a new hive with his father. The
child felt that it was always the best time to be with his father. In

the end, I lost my father

, I sat under the big tree in my dream and waited for you

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