Joseph Custard Trilogy: Flashbacks of Life, Return of Life

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Joseph Custard Trilogy: Flashbacks of Life, Return of Life
Turkish director Sammy Kaplanoglu's trilogy "Eggs," "Milk," and "Honey" is the first to watch. Two "Milk", and then watched "Egg" and "Honey". After watching "Honey", I suddenly realized that this is a flashback of personal life history. It is about the life of Joseph, the co-protagonist of the three films, and there should also be a shadow of the director's life. The three films go back one by one, from the present to Joseph's childhood.
In "Honey", Joseph is still a teenager who has just started elementary school. He is sensitive and intelligent, and has a stutter. He lives in a small village with his parents. His father makes a living by cutting honey, and finally died of honey picking. In "Milk", Joseph grew up, lived with his widowed mother, and sold milk in the town every day. He liked to write poetry, and also inherited his father's epilepsy in the previous episode. In The Egg, Joseph travels to Istanbul and opens a second-hand bookstore. He still suffers from epilepsy and has published several collections of poetry. When his widowed mother died in his hometown, he returned to his hometown to bury his mother. In his hometown, he found love and stayed in his hometown.
The story is very simple, but how many stories are there in life? Always busy, all of a sudden, half of life has passed. Looking back suddenly, life is like flowing water, flowing forward non-stop, it seems that there is no trace or big waves, but your hope, your life, and your dreams are in this slow flow. , little by little. When people are young, they always pin their hopes on the future, and there are always many rose-colored fantasies about life in adulthood. And when you grow up, you realize that the best time in your life has been left in the past. One cannot go back to the past, just as one cannot step into the same river a second time. If life can be flashed back like the Joseph trilogy, then there will be no regrets in life.
From the middle-aged Shenmu, to the youthful youth, to the childhood Wuji, from understanding to ignorance, from wandering to returning, Joseph's image became clear in the minds of the audience. In "Egg", Joseph's mentality has grown old, and he has been stuck in the bookstore without any passion. It seems that returning to his hometown is not what he wants, and the death of his mother prompted his trip to his hometown. He is even more timid about his hometown, and his hometown is different. He hopes to finish his mother's funeral as soon as possible and leave as soon as possible. However, living idle for a few days in his hometown also gave him some feelings. And the young girl who served his mother on his behalf also aroused his emotions and love. After crying bitterly in the dark night, he decided to go back to his hometown, to the girl. This is the return of his body and the return of his mind.
And Joseph in "Milk", who has just come of age, has fantasies and passions for the future. Although not admitted to university, he still loves to write poetry, one of which was published in a magazine. Originally wanted to go to the military academy, but his epilepsy made him unable to do so. But while checking in in Izmir, he met a girl and had some hazy feelings. After returning home, he was troubled by the love of his widowed mother. His mother and the station master felt each other, slowly approached, and went to see the new house together. This changed the relationship between Joseph and his mother, and he seemed unacceptable and helpless. In the end, he left his family and went to the mine near the town to become a coal miner. The reality is a mess for Joseph, and the future seems to be worth looking forward to, after all, he is still young.
"Honey" traces Joseph's life back to childhood. The character and destiny of a person's life are closely related to childhood experiences. Joseph in "Honey" is really cute, this is a sensitive child who stutters when he's nervous and can't read a full text. His conversations with his father were always in whispers, he helped his father pick honey, and nature was his best friend. He went to the primary school in the village, and his grades were not very good. He was a little bad. Watching classmates get small medals from teachers makes Joseph both envious and eager. When he was the last in the class to get a medal and was happy to go home, he heard the news of his father's death from picking honey. The boy hid in the woods he knew, and he matured.
Three films, moving forward step by step, constitute Joseph's complete life. This is a child from a beautiful Turkish mountain village, listening to the sounds of nature growing up, with a natural spirituality. He yearns for the world outside the mountains, the noisy and prosperous life outside attracts him, and his talent as a poet also encourages him to go to the outside world. But in prosperous Istanbul, this child from a mountain village has become bruised and bruised in life, and the beautiful poetic flowers are also withering. But after being away from home for many years, relatives and friends have withered away. Whether his hometown still accepts him is a spiritual exploration for Joseph. In the end, he found love and peace in his hometown. The films are soothing and full of soulful long shots, each with very delicate and textured pictures, the beautiful scenery of Turkey, and the flowing emotions that are about to stop talking. Although the dialogue in the film is almost non-existent, you can still Feel a surge of intense emotion. This feeling is common to all human beings, no matter what religion you live in.
The three titles of the trilogy are also interesting. The first film is called Eggs, but the content has nothing to do with eggs. There are only two scenes of eggs in the film, but the image of eggs appears continuously in the three films. What are eggs? Perhaps it refers to the endless life, and the egg symbolizes the mother and the womb. At the end of "Egg", Joseph is lying on the grass in the dark, facing a dog in silence, and this grass is at the beginning of the film, his mother has just walked by. This image means that he has returned to the mother body. The titles of the two films "Milk" and "Honey" are closely related to the content of the films. The former is Joseph's occupation, and the latter is Joseph's father's livelihood. Milk and honey are necessities of life, meaning plumpness and abundance. In the Bible, God told the ancestors of Judea to give them the land of Canaan flowing with milk and honey. Was Joseph's hometown such a piece of land? At least in Joseph's mind, it must be.

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