If you are calm

Hillary 2022-10-01 07:42:17

When we entered the auditorium, we were suddenly uncomfortable with the dark environment, so we could only awkwardly take out our mobile phones to illuminate and find a seat. Watching a movie without watching the beginning is really worrying, and the construction site outside the screening hall has been beating. I thought to myself, watching the movie with Diona twice was really embarrassing. Once was the sleepy "True Grit", this time the viewing effect was so bad, she might think that there was something wrong with my aura of watching the movie. Wrong, why every time I think a great movie is done by myself?

Miel is an excellent movie if one's at peace. The passage of the little protagonist reading the text really makes people want to rush into the screen and kiss this cute and poor child. The director has given enough space to the actors and the environment through a very composed long shot. The environment is also a character, and they also have a play, even if they may not move, just passing through the branches and leaves. The sunlight is changing. Characters move from the left to the right of the picture, from the background to the foreground, whisper softly, and the dramatic conflict is expressed through the side. Such calmness and tolerance for time and space all come from the director's unique vision. But the premise is: if the audience is calm.

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