like watching a documentary

Theron 2022-10-18 13:24:27

Counting the "Little Forest" department, the forest department. When watching this film, I can't help but think of the characteristics of most of the films that China has participated in international film festivals for so many years: the old and the young are poor, plus the local customs and customs (the so-called national is the world), the story is not It must be bizarre like "Chrysanthemum Dou" and "High Red Lanterns", even if it is a light story like "Little Shoes", "Butterfly", "Heidi's Diary", or add a little bit more. Political and war backgrounds such as "The Kite Runner" and "Hotel Rwanda" are basically the nirvana of major film festivals.
This kind of light story is like watching travel specials and documentaries. Many documentaries are still very flavorful.

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