The unbearable weight of monster B-level films

Amparo 2022-09-20 17:32:32

A "Deep Sea Shark" after nearly 20 years has launched a sequel, the first reaction: it must be "Atlantic Rim 2", "Titanic 2" and the like produced by cottage companies like TheAsylum. It turned out to be released by Warner, the first owner, and I was looking forward to it.

Although I knew that the DVD version directly released by Warner HomeEntertainment was not released, the investment cost can be imagined, but after watching the whole film, I was deeply shocked. The director still wanted to make the first big production with the cost of the B-level film. The story line, there is no example of "the diamond should also be forced to stop the porcelain work", first of all I am in awe of this point (laughs).

Aside from this movie, I want to nag about my madness and obsession with monster movies in elementary and junior high school. At that time, I bought almost all the DVDs and vcds of American monster movies that could be found on the market. ... Once posted on the Horror Movie Forum of, I posted a guide to the classification of monster B-level movies and even took the screen name "Link Killer". The post of that year was also posted on the special page of the web page, which is considered a very dark black history ( As a sixth grade elementary school student, I'm still very happy anyway)

Monster B-level movies are generally divided into two types: monsters that look like monsters, and monsters that look like animals. The former is ugly and ugly, such as aliens, monsters, aliens, and so on. The latter, to put it bluntly, means that animals have mutated to eat people. "Deep Sea Shark" belongs to the latter.

Around 1997, 1998, and 1999, it was a few years when B-level monsters were crazy. I don't know why, but several animal-eating man-eating movies with similar styles, produced by several big film companies and produced in the A-level, turned out. Wild Python", "Prehistoric Crocodile", "Godzilla" (although Godzilla's hometown has always refused to admit this lizard man-eating fake), "Extreme Deep Cold", and "Deep Sea Shark" .

The first time I watched "Deep Sea Shark" on the movie channel, and then I watched it every time it was played (probably I didn't have a mobile phone to watch TV in elementary and junior high school). When I was a freshman in high school, I don't know who the boys in our class watched. The movie, after watching it, has been kept on the class computer. Every time after class, the boys will play the movie on a loop, and then deliberately skip to the part where the heroine undresses and electrocutes the shark. It's really obscene...

But the predecessor was in a sense a very successful shark horror movie, why? Because unlike "Jaws", which is a low-cost horror routine of "the dragon does not see its head and tail", "Deep Sea Shark" is a big production (relatively speaking) that combines action-thrilling elements with disaster elements. Especially after the shark got smart and managed to destroy the submarine research base, and then many aspects of the group's escape were very thrilling (reminds me of "Poseidon"), and the shark made various appearances throughout the whole process. . It's just that the heroine's death is a bit sudden and doesn't follow a routine (in general, shouldn't the last survivors of this kind of movie be the hero and heroine? Why is this movie two men?)

Watch this again.

It is obviously 2018, and the CG special effects are not as good as the first in both quantity and quality. At the beginning of the scene, it was very bloody to eat people with broken hands and feet (I don’t think sharks can eat people like this), I know the director understands that the budget is not enough, since sharks can’t show up more, then get some blood plasma and stumps (even if it’s a little fake). That kind) can also stimulate you. It's very B-movie thinking.

Then there was an inexplicable and very inconsistent song. There is a line in the lyrics "deep blue sea", which is probably "straight to the point" and "righteousness" in elementary school composition, otherwise I really don't know what this song is about.

But I didn't expect that the director didn't plan to continue to break into the B-level movie routine (even if you fall into a cult classic like the "Beast Meal" trilogy, it's ok, but I know Warner will not allow this to happen), He is very well-intentioned and wants to remind you that this is a sequel to "Deep Sea Shark", not a sequel to "Sharknado", so he began to copy the characters and background of the first part. Ambitious capitalists, conscientious scientific researchers, muscular shark trainers with various (love, crossed out) action scenes, and of course the submarine research base, the only difference is that the first one is a big cement made of cg special effects Architecture, this one is a small bungalow on the sea (really).

But then it's embarrassing for you to follow this setting: because you have no money, you can't convince everyone that this is really a crazy drug test plan of some world consortium, because the number of employees in this base (small bungalow) is not yet I have more than two fingers, and this undersea passage is about as wide as the corridor in my community.

There are also two character actors in the bytheway film, one looks like Aquaman, the other looks like Wen Ziren, I'm really... easy to play.

Well, I never thought about the purpose of the drug experiment. I remember that the first one seemed to be to develop a drug to fight cancer (?), but here it has become a brain-removing tablet to improve human IQ, right? (??), because of the worry that AI technology is developing too fast, and finally the IQ of artificial intelligence surpasses that of human beings, and the tragedy (???) in "Terminator" and "I, Robot" occurs (???), so human beings must preemptively take action My IQ has increased a thousand times (????).

Director, can you eat some brain-treating films by yourself? Although artificial intelligence is very advanced with the times, your theory is not tenable at all.

Then the IQ of the shark as an experimental subject has increased thousands of times. Probably, the first thing that comes to mind is to take revenge on human beings. First, destroy the submarine base (small bungalow), eat a few people, and add heavy metal rock bgm, I Wasn't quite able to appreciate this mashup.

Then everyone started to survive in the submarine channel (community corridor), because the channel is too narrow (the investment is too low), so the big shark can't eat people at all, so they arranged for the baby shark of the big shark to eat people, like piranhas in groups Biting stumps everywhere, anyway, it is completely against the laws of nature. I thought I was watching Piranha.

Alas, no money.

In the end, the big shark appeared for a while, and was unexpectedly killed by the low-profile male and female protagonists with a flare gun. So why is the front rendering so powerful? Maybe the director didn't expect the budget to be so tight in the back when he shot the front.

In the end, it is not surprising that the male and female protagonists survived, and Haiwang and Wen Ziren also died without any accident. On the other hand, an otaku nerd finally survived. He was almost eaten several times and escaped. The male protagonist hugged the female protagonist and said: I said earlier that sharks don't like to eat otaku.

Now, don't make fun of otaku like this, okay? ?

Then three months after the end, the shark came back with a heavy metal bgm, the director still wants to make 3.

I watched it later, the director is shooting American dramas, no wonder he used the least investment and the most special effects to make an episode of a movie-length TV series.

But what's even sadder is that, in all fairness, this movie is much better than the sequels of "The Anaconda" and "The Prehistoric Crocodile".

I have written so much inexplicably, and I don't want to be on the special page of again. The era of "Deep Sea Shark 2" is also different from the era of the first film in 1999. It's a pity that I didn't keep the habit of collecting monster B-grade bad movies from elementary school to the present, as I insisted on mystery novels.

Maybe one day I will find those discs again, and I will complain while watching, complaining about the unbearable weight of monster B-level movies.

Director, you see, I'm better at answering questions than you are.

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