Is the mother expensive?

Lelia 2022-09-20 16:43:25

There are many of the same style, I can't remember whether I have seen the first one or not...

To tell the truth, this subject is indeed very easy to make a thankless film.

The visibility in the water is difficult to photograph, and the atmosphere that the sharks can create is difficult to form. The water is also a chaotic thrashing during the shark rampage stage, and there are splashes everywhere. Apart from seeing the chaos, it is difficult for people to implement their thinking.

In general, this film can't be directly cut with a knife and said that it is all piss. It is not denied that most of the time I can distract myself from playing with my mobile phone and going to the toilet, but a few special links can make people stop what they are doing in an instant.

For example, Bella's IQ and insight are so high that she can stare and eavesdrop on human conversations outside the cabin...and the last 10 minutes are also very refreshing...

It's just that the drug boss has been testing medicines on himself very seriously. This bridge seems really unnecessary and can be mentioned. There is no need to perform two painful reactions ~ because I don't know what this show is about. Purpose and effect...

It is estimated that there is a third part, so it can only start with the story of a little devil shark that survived...

Finally, the heroine said that the world's number one is the bull shark? The author's Baidu top is still the great white shark, and the bull shark is only the runner-up~ unless there is a problem with Baidu~

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