Scar pulling the shark and leading the younger brothers to kill and grab the site

Tremaine 2022-09-20 17:39:54

In this sequel, even the sharks can't bear it anymore. It's okay to say it's a true sequel. Is it a continuation standard for the director and the screenwriter to create a few classic scenes similar to the above? Not to mention, this movie also has its own point of success - as a typical dog-tailed mink work, it is undoubtedly very successful! ! !

Not only did the clever big bull shark produce several heads, but also produced several small sharks ingeniously. I feel that these little guys are more powerful than the big guys. They bite people and compete with "Piranha", and their attack methods are flexible and mobile, and they are attacked in groups. They are simply the little overlords of the shark world! !

Although the storyline is similar to the previous part in some scenes and character settings, it can even be considered a continuation of a far-fetched one. But the whole movie follows the rules, and there are almost no big surprises to watch! Even if it is an empty gimmick, there is no wind, and it is not possible to have it, it is really not! ! ! Of course, the death of the bad boss is still quite spectacular; the other is that the heroine's diving suit can't be zippered. Did she deliberately wear a smaller size! Maybe the main function is not for diving, but for seducing the muscular male protagonist! !

In the last shot of the film, the only big shark left, brought all the younger brothers out of the sea. This fan is absolutely full, and he is just one long flowing hair away from Brother Hao Nan of Causeway Bay! ! !

This is obviously the rhythm of a sequel! ! ! No, director. Let go of those rambunctious men and women by the sea, okay? ! !

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