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"Mansfield Manor" is definitely not my favorite of Austen's novels. It took three years to read it, and the plot has been completely blurred, so when I saw the new version of 07, I took advantage of it and revisited it. Austen can't miss it.

It is said that "Mansfield Manor" was Austen's best-selling novel. I guess people at that time also liked the kind of Cinderella fairy tale with low eyebrows and pleasing eyes.

I remember holding my breath for the poor kid who was being kneaded by others when I was reading it. I didn't expect the director to feel the same way, and the adaptation made a big splash.

First of all, we saw a sturdy wild girl with disheveled hair, running and playing in the living room and study in the field. She probably forgot to apply sunscreen and moisturizing water, and she also had some dark spots and fine lines on her face. She has a big mouth and long teeth, and she has a stubborn expression and thorns in her slightly unhappy face.

Although the adaptation of a famous book saves money on the play, you can't dig it in other places. For example, if you change to a blonde, it is better to dye her eyebrows yellow. If you get black eyebrows, they will twist into a ball at every turn because you are afraid of us. Can't you feel her grievance?

I didn't change the scene, I went back and forth in the living room and the garden, Fanny's adult dance was changed to an outdoor picnic, and the scene of being driven back to London to reflect on it was also omitted. And those costumes, who knows how many crews the director came from. Borrowed, mixed and matched from various eras, all messed up.

There are also those supporting roles. The bad guys show their teeth and claws recklessly as soon as they appear on the stage. There is no British subtlety at all, and they almost have the word traitor engraved on their foreheads. If not, the audience would have to hate Fanny for being ungrateful.

In contrast, the much-criticized 1999 film version of the old girl with two deep lines on her mouth is much more docile and pleasant, and Mary also has the kind of speech and demeanor that is always elegant, but can play with people. road between.

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