Not too bad!

Adell 2022-07-12 15:38:50

When I saw the comments, I thought it would be ugly, but it's not! I was looking for the 99 version to watch, but if I couldn't find it, I could only watch the 07 version! The whole movie is still quite fascinating!
I just finished reading Austen's works! After watching the movie, it will at least attract me to read the book. I don't want to lose the desire to read the book after watching the EMMA movie!
Maybe the heroine isn't very pretty, but she's acting pretty well! Does it have to be a fairy-like protagonist movie to look good, then it would be good to watch the two sisters!

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Mansfield Park quotes

  • Mrs. Norris: This is not a very promising beginning.

  • Fanny Price: No one meant to be unkind, but I was the poor relation and I was often made to feel it. Only Edmund put himself out to secure my happiness. He became my one true friend. And as the years passed, I came to love him as more than a cousin.