Ugly Invincible Austin Classic Edition

Sylvia 2022-11-24 04:19:33

What adjectives should I use to describe the movie version of "Ugly Invincible"? ! Such Chi Guoguo's trampling on the "Jane fans" and the aesthetic cultivation of ordinary audiences has stunned the two big faces of the buck-toothed heroine and the dead fish-eye hero for nearly 100 minutes!

Needless to say, the aesthetic cultivation of British directors is too inadequate. For TVs such as "Persuasion" and "Sense and Sensibility", even if the heroine is ugly, at least she has a low eyebrow and pleasing to the eye. . Otherwise, the charm can be found in the subtle and restrained lines.

But this TV needs lines, but the lines have no power, and it needs characters, but the characters have no appearance. The dialogue of the heroine lacks the wit and intelligence of the women in Austen's works in the past, and she is a wild girl in the countryside who does not read. And the male protagonist stared at the dead fish with a big oily head that has not been washed for ten thousand years. The camera also kept a close-up of the two of them, Shit! Are you a long fish and a geese or a shy flower with a closed moon, a messy blond hair accompanied by a pair of thick black eyebrows...

In fact, the heroine in the original work Fanny is an unflattering character, relying on others and having no personality. It's hard to act well. It doesn't matter if you don't have acting skills, as long as you look good, but how many times I stared at her and tried to ignore her buck teeth, all ended in failure...

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