Retrospect of growth

Braulio 2022-10-06 21:15:32

I remember that the last time I saw such an indescribable movie was Xiaosu Kangping's "Sleeping Man". "Honey" completely got rid of the constraints of the story and used all the language of the lens to describe the harmony and opposition between man and nature. Through the perspective of the son of a beekeeper, the film sees the forest where he lives through the eyes of the child, rendering a mysterious and quiet atmosphere of the film. Sammy's poet trilogy is all related to the director's life experience, from the adulthood and wedding of "Egg", to the youthful defection of "Milk", and finally back to the childhood cognition of "Honey", the trilogy presents a kind of A retrospective of growth.

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  • Yakup: Dreams are not told aloud.