Herminia 2022-11-05 08:41:25

Looking back at "Egg" and "Milk" that I read a few years ago, and then look at the two brief reviews I wrote before, all the language is still suitable for "Honey".

However, Semih Kaplanoglu except for the continuation of the film language, everything is doing subtraction, the story changes from people and society, people and people to people and nature; the initial description of folk customs and rituals to the end Reduced to zero; the protagonist also changed from middle age to youth and finally even turned into a teenager...

I boldly guess that the story of "Egg" has a certain profile of his parents, then these three films will more or less bring his own projection of images.

There is another discovery in the comprehensive trilogy, that is, the sense of distance between female star roles, including maternal roles, has also reached an extreme in "Honey".

The film ultimately hopes to express the conquest and adaptation of man and nature; the trapping and struggle of man's self. Isn't this Werner Herzog's cup of tea? It is also conceivable that the Golden Lion will be crowned (the three new generations of the three major film festivals this year will be nominated sooner or later).

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