Find solace in nature and learn to bow down to nature

Rosella 2022-10-22 17:30:03

I remember that in a class meeting two years ago, two psychological committee members held a psychological counseling activity, asking everyone to listen to music and enter a state of meditation like their own life after the age of 30. I was called to share the image that came to my mind, the image I still remember well, the deep forest, the cabin, the mushrooms, the animals, the tranquility, and me. Huang Wen asked me, "Is there no one else?" I replied, "Only me." Only later did I realize that my answer was weird, because in the imagination of other students, there would be a job and a partner. But I didn't think about adding people, I only thought about those creatures, deer, wildflowers, .....

that thing was gradually forgotten by me, until I watched the movie "Honey", the life in it directly corresponds to my dream thinking about everything.

In the movie, near the Black Sea, Turkey, the life of a peasant. The film progresses slowly, and each segment is a beautiful painting. With a 100-minute film length and endless long still shots, vocal dialogue is no longer important, and natural sounds are enough. The little boy followed his father and the pony into the forest. The father gathered honey, and the little boy watched from below, touched the honey just collected with his fingers, put it in his mouth, and smiled lightly. The little boy didn't like to drink milk, his mother was angry, his father secretly helped him drink up the milk, and the father and son smiled at each other. The little boy was at his grandmother's house and saw his grandmother and the elders praying devoutly. The little boy hoped to get the badge awarded by the teacher in the recitation class. He looked at the red badge in the glass bottle on the top of the cabinet, and he raised his finger hard in autism. His father fell from the tree while gathering honey and lost his life. The little boy followed the figure of the eagle and ran into the deep forest to look for it. It got dark, and the little boy crouched by the roots of the tree and fell asleep. ...

The movie is quiet and quiet, people's lives are quiet and quiet, nature is quiet, cruel and beautiful, people are raised, and people learn to bow down to nature. Corresponding to Audrey Hepburn's words, "There are more and more things, but I want less and less". Perhaps this is where happiness lies.

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