Childhood----a dream that has to be told

Dana 2022-09-14 16:22:35

Lying on the sofa several times to fall asleep----- Of course, it was also an extremely sleepy afternoon.
If you like films with beautiful shots, bright and saturated colors, fresh and melancholy, and movies that run through the details rather than the plot, you'll love "Honey."
The title and cover of the movie will give you a rough idea of ​​what kind of movie it will be.
The fresh and translucent colors of forests, flowers and plants, and Joseph's angelic face all remind me of Chen Yingxiong, but he is not very good at using blurred lenses. "The Taste of Green Papaya" is crystal clear, crystal clear and bright; There are no long shots, no music, and very little dialogue. It reminds me of Hou Hsiao-hsien again, but Hou Hsiao-hsien's "Childhood" is a city with a gradient between black and white, while "Honey" is set in the beautiful and bright countryside of Turkey. . Abbas tells heart-wrenching stories with twists and turns, but "Honey" uses countless details to connect childhood like pearls.
Because of the silence, the sound was abrupt, maybe I was awakened by it. The chirping of insects in the forest, the humming of bees, the flapping of wings, the conversation between father and son, the sound of doors being opened and closed, the sound of milk being swallowed in the throat, the branches breaking... As delicate as the picture, he told his story with voice and camera on this weary afternoon.
For some people, perhaps, growing up is such an irresistible knot. In the passage of time, it gradually turns into incoherent or sentimental or beautiful shots, becoming more and more blurred in memory, but like a The dream that has to be told, the story is finished, and my heart is quiet.

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